Request for Avatar




Hey everyone! I've been playin CoH for a while and I browse the forums ALL the time (when I'm bored at work lol). I've got a couple hundred posts under my belt (not alot I know) but this whole time I've never had an avatar...

I'd like to request someone to make an avatar for me. I have no idea how to do it and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be nearly as creative as many avatars I've seen on the boards.

Just some info you can either incorporate or leave out (doesn't matter if the avatar relates or not) just thought I'd give you some info about myself:

Global: @YTDrummer
First 50: Forceful Mind (Ill/FF/Cold Controller)
Upcoming 50: Plasma Beam (NrG/NrG/Force Blaster)
Mostly Play: Heroes (rather than Villians)
Favorite pastime other than CoH: Music

Music Myspace and some crappy pics of me:
Music Website (non-myspace):

If you guys want any more info, just let me know and I'll try to accomodate. Otherwise go crazy! Get creative!

Either PM your examples to me or email them to ""

Thanks everyone!



You need to be more detailed in what you're looking for. I could just make an avatar with an inspriation (like the one i have) and call it day. Don't leave the door so wide open, narrow the field some.

Do you want it animated...static?
Should have your name or your character

Think about what YOU would like to have.

The artists here could be very busy with other artwork and might not have time to guess what it is that you might like.
For example, I've done avatars for several people on the fourm, but saying "make anything" doesn't work for me. I need specifics so I'm not wasting my time creating something that you might not want.

Why waste my time and yours? Be specific.

Really think about what you want, try and find visual examples then then maybe someone can come up with something for you.

Good luck.




You know I've always liked those little computerized characters (i think they're called micros?) performing some kind of action. Like one that looks like a superhero shooting an energy blast?

Tryin to be specific but i'm not picky. That give an idea?