NanoVirtue rides again!




Posted for LoopHole 'cause he says it's all my fault anyway, heh.

It's hard to track stories and get detailed critiques among all the activity on these boards. We're rooted in Virtue, and our immediate purpose will be support for NaNoWriMo, but all you wordsmiths out there are welcome now and for the long term.

Blame Spackle, but the NanoVirtue boards are coming back and because I'm doing it they're getting a bit of expansion.

What is NanoVirtue you ask?
Essentially it's a place for the writers of the boards (Virtue Centric, but others are equally welcome) to come and discuss their craft, present roughs and get critiques and discussions.

Why the name?
Because the primary reason it was created was to help our NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) participants with a support group and a place to shoot ideas around.

Then why not just tell us that in the first place?
Last year a lot of people expressed an interest without being involved in NaNoWriMo at all. I'm declining to participate in NaNo myself this year but I love having a writing circle to work with because it can present new angles and ideas to work with. Having review by peers is helpful to a lot of writers and not just people forging full tilt ahead for that 50K word count.

But but but... I just want to read things!
Then you're probably not going to get much out of this compared to the writers. Sorry, but this is really a writing community. That said, the new incarnation has a couple things for you. There is an area called "Afterbirth" on the boards which will be for pieces writers feel are ready for reading by the public and review by a subset of user's who label themselves "Critics".

You know what a critic is, I'm sure but in this case I mean user's who, - while not writers themselves - wish to give thoughtful and useful opinions on works near completion.

You suck!
That's not very nice.

No really! You suck!
*banninated!* Seriously, I'm going to say this now. This is not a democracy. I believe in a very 'hands off' approach as far as administrating and moderation go but I'm not putting up with arguments or flame wars or trolls. 2 strikes and gone. If your first post is a troll then you're gone and no questions.

I can't login after registering
This site requires a valid e-mail address and you have to activate your account from an e-mail you receive.

Lastly, I'd like a moderator (or two) for this board again this year. I actually have less time lately than last year for this sort of thing and I have contract bid coming up. Help is good. <ul type="square">[*]Experience a plus, but not required.[*]Playing for popularity is a negative.[*]This isn't a job, but you will need to at least check the board once a day.[*]Don't hack me off on purpose, but expect me to support any reasonable decision you make regardless of if I like the person whining.[/list]

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