Secret Conspiracy




Can anyone hear me?... This is Willpower from the Freedom server. Now don't call me crazy, but I think there is a conspiracy going on right here in Paragon City. All of my contacts keep telling me of gang wars between groups, such as the Skulls and the Hellions. I'm to try to keep the spill over violence from hurting civilians and property, and as always I do my job well.

However, I'm not sure if these gang wars are real or not. Many times I see a whole group of Hellions beating up on a Skull, or Trolls beating up on an outcast. Now I'm all for defending the downtrodden, and so when I go in to prevent these gang members from killing the one on the ground, he gets up, dusts himself off, and takes up with his enemies to try and kill me... He doesn't even seem hurt at all. Generally it doesn't change the outcome at all. One more hellion with a bunch of Skulls is just one more minor gang member. But it seems as though, these situations are set up to lure a hero in to help someone, and then the entire group springs into action to kill the hero.

The scary part is my contacts seem to ignore this evidence. No matter how many of these traps I spring and defeat, my contacts always keep telling me the same thing, that they are at war. I rely on my contacts for information. If I can't trust them, how am I supposed to get missions with accurate details.

Hopefully someone out there gets this message. Hopefully I'm not too late in getting the warning out. If youu are on patroll and see 15 trolls beating up on an outcast, don't think that outcast will be grateful for assisatnce. Don't think he will help out. He won't do that, or even run away. He will get up and pull his gun on you too.

If I save even one hero with this warning, I'll be happy, but I hope to save as many as possible.