Announcing Closed Beta Testing of Issue 11




On Tuesday, October 9th we have updated the Test Servers to our current build of Issue 11 and limited the access to those servers to a select group of testers. We have e-mail notification going out to that group of testers shortly, but if you patch up and can connect and log all the way on to the Training Room Test Server, well then you are in.

Selection to be included in the closed beta test of Issue 11 is pretty straightforward. We have selected testers who were helpful with previous closed betas and also included accounts who had recently logged into the Training Room.

Of course, there will be people who didn’t get into the closed beta who want to be. Please keep in mind that we will be opening up the Issue 11 beta test for everyone in the near future. We are not expecting a lengthy closed beta for Issue 11. There will be development cycles for both phases of beta to take feedback and incorporate that into the Issue as we work to polish it up for Live. The closed beta gives us a smaller, more manageable group of public testers and a test environment that, because it is closed, we can iterate much faster on. This results in a higher level of polish to the features when we take things to open beta and ultimately a better experience when we go Live.

Our advance thanks for your understanding with the beta process. We will be making regular updates to the Training Room Test Server forum as the beta proceeds to keep everyone informed of what is happening.

EDIT: Also, please refrain from pestering beta testers for information about the closed beta. We ask them not to discuss the details of the closed beta test, because the point of keeping it closed is to allow us a much faster, looser testing environment. Thanks!

EDIT: REMINDER! Issue 11 is still in Closed Beta. As such, current features are not complete and still work in progress. Thanks for keeping that in mind when discussing the Issue.

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