Chaos Rift's Mind Dominator's Guide to The RSF




[u]Chaos Rift's Mind Dominator's Guide to The RSF.[u]
This is a quick and ugly guide to the RSF

I'll be talking mostly about the Mind primary in this guide, the secondary isn't all that important.

First I suggest that the Mind Dom is the team leader, and calls the shots.

What does the Mind Dom need?

Just three skills. Hasten for recharge, Mesmerize for single target sleep, and Mass Hypnosis for AOE Sleep.

Slotting the Powers.

Sleep needs 3 things Accuracy, Recharge, and abouve all else Sleep Duration.
For this guide I am not going into IOs, or Perma Domination. There are already some great guides on these, and depends on your secondary for what powers to slot. I know a few want a guide that doesn't use SHOs either, but in all honesty you really need them. If you can't get em, save up and buy them.

[u]Hasten:[u] you will want at least 3 recharge reductions. Some say more, but 3 is all you need.

[u]Mesmerize:[u] Just 3 slot this guy with 3 Acc/Mez SHOs.

[u]Mass Hypnosis:[u] 6 slot this power. 3 Acc/Mez SHOs, and 3 recharge reductions.

Obviously if you IO your dominator slotting will be different. Just aim for +90% acc and duration on mass hypnosis.

What does the team need?
Control, Debuff, Recharge, and Damage. That's it.

[u]Control:[u] That'll be the Mind Dom for sleeping, and the Brute for aggro control.

[u]Debuffs:[u] Take at least 1 /Rad corrupter. I've done it without, but they speed things up immensely.

[u]Recharge:[u] /Kin Corrupters. With a Perma Dom build this isn't really needed, but everyone else would love some SB. Without a Perma Dom build you will need 2 /Kins. Make sure they know that you required 2 SBs on you at all times. SB the Dom over the brute or anyone else.

[u]Damage:[u] Believe it or not this one is actually a tough one. You never know how well a person has slotted up there character unless you know them. I have been on many 8 man runs where damage output was terrible because of bad slotting. My 4 and 5 man runs have been faster than some of my 8 man teams. That said most of the time you'll have enough to get the job done.

[u][/b]The Final Mission[u][/b]
Although there are some very cool things a Mind Dom can do on the previous 4 missions I am only listing the tactics for the last mission. This whole method is actually very easy to do, but requires a team who understands what is going on.

Now at the beginning of the mission during the Cut Scene Statesman will pound his chest casting Unstoppable. This aura is clearly visible, and makes him unable to be slept. It will last a few minutes so take the time to inform your team of what they need to do.

The key to sleeping all the heroes is having Domination on all the time. Your /Kin teammates must know to keep the Mind Dom with 2 SB at all times.

With Mass Hypnosis and domination running you will sleep all the heroes. The duration as slotted above will give you just enough time to cast another Mass Hypnosis right as the Heroes are about to wake up. Having a secondary like Energy or Ice for power boost will eliminate any duration issues.

Target either Statesman or Citadel for Mass Hypnosis, as they are the most centered of the Heroes.

Any Heroes missed by Mass Hypnosis must be followed up with Mesmerize. Now because Mesmerize causes some damage, the heroes will often be able to fire off a cheap shot at you. I suggest you load up on some greens or have a thermal on the team.

[u]Order of the Pulls[u]
First. Designate only 1 puller. I prefer a brute with a ranged power, they all have at least the origin specific junk range power. If the brute does pull, make sure they know to turn off any damage fields/auras.

Now who to pick first? Normal RSF groups say Numina, then Sister Psyche. NO. That's a Bad idea.
Numina can cast Clear Mind and wake up another hero, and both Numina and Sister are Psi damage. Just best to save them for later.

I suggest picking off the easy guys. Manticore, Synapse, Citadel, Back Alley. Those are all good choices. Whoever you pick just make sure only the puller attacks them first, and everyone stays back. Nothing is worse than a Mastermind who doesn't know how to control his pets and have them run up and wake up everyone.

You can kill Statesman whenever you want too, but this is where your damage issue will show up. There are just some people I have taken that just cannot dish it out for some reason or another. I suggest an extra /Rad corrupter if you are unsure of your teammates.
Myself I just recruit Positron to help, but that's a whole other tactic.

That's about it. There really isn't too much to this method. Many people make it sound overly complex, or difficult. Really all you do is jump up and down casting Mass Hypnosis, and patching any misses with mesmerize, while your team kills the pulled hero.



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