Guide to unlockable costume options




There are now so very many costume options that are only available to some, and not all players. Here's a guide to them!

<ul type="square">[*] Game version owned[*] Missions from City Representative[*] Task Force[*] Holiday events[*] Veteran Awards[*] Inventions[*] Vanguard[/list]
Game version owned
You only need to have this game version as part of your account to have these costume options opened.
Note: there are many, many options that are only available if you own City of Villains. I am not listing them all here - but getting CoV seems to nearly double the available costume options if you own only City of Heroes.

<ul type="square">[*] Collector's edition CoH: the Cape of the Four Winds[*] Collector's edition CoV: Arachnos Cape and a no background Arachnos chest detail[*] CoV pre-orders: 4 different special Arachnos helms: Wolf spider, Crab spider, Mu, and Blood Widow helms - none is colorable[*] Good vs Evil: Justice and Sinister sets - each includes top texture and bottom texture for tights or armor, shoulder item, two sets each of gloves and boots, and Sinister includes a spider pattern you can apply to any texture as well[/list]
City Representative Missions
The City Representative stands in the middle of the top floor area in Atlas City Hall. At level 20, you can get a mission from her that opens Capes (other than shoulder capes, which are a veteran reward). At level 30, you can get a mission to unlock auras at the tailor.

Task Force
Heroes can do the Croatoa task force for Katie Hannon, and if they win the Ten Times the Victor accolade by defeating the archvillain witch all ten times, they can get a witch hat (with no hair) at the tailor.

Holiday events

Winter event
The Winter event was the first to include a costume item.
<ul type="square">[*] Santa Hat - In Winter 06, you could unlock a Santa Hat by doing a hero side mission to save the presents, or a villain side one to steal them. In Winter 07, you could unlock the Santa Hat by being given a temporary power gift (one of many random gifts). [*] Earmuffs - logging in for Winter 07 event gained you the earmuffs. They are a head detail piece.[*] Boots and Gloves - doing the mission to save Baby New Year in the winter 07 event gave four options; two of them were these fur-lined boots, and gloves.[/list]
Valentine's day

<ul type="square">[*]Toga - For logging in on Valentine's Day 2006, you would receive the toga. It was also available for doing the mission for DJ Zero on Valentine's Day 2007.[*] Laurels and sandals - for sending a friend a game code and having them buy the game, the whole account unlocked the laurels and sandals costume piece for both players, in Valentine's Day 2006. In the 2007 version of the event, you could obtain these items for a single character by doing DJ Zero's mission.[*] Hearts costume - it may still be bugged for female characters, but the hearts costume could be unlocked by doing DJ Zero's mission in 2007's Valentine's day event.[/list]