Buncha newbie sketches, critiques/opinions/advice?




First, I know you can see text bleed through from the other side, I only got a real sketch pad today, and have been using the back of reports and stuff for school, sometimes I edit it out, sometimes I don't... I haven't on any of these yet... :/
Second, I know they're pretty novice-ish, and I have a LOT to learn. I got a new drawing book, and wanted to try out some stuff in there (not sure it really helped though).

Lastly, the scanner occasionally cuts off pieces (like the top of the head on one of them). I thought I had figured out how to stop that, but apparently not... And it makes a lot of the shading way darker than it is on paper, gets rid of a lot of the casual gradients I spent forever working on, heh.

All these were drawn from upside down screenshots btw. I normally try to avoid drawing from stuff in the game, or superhero stuff in general, but I cracked and did a bunch of it today/yesterday.

The first pic is my tank (Inv/SS) on Justice, currently 35, Ms Paragon. The screenshot for this was one of several I had taken to make a composite reference pic on the off chance I could get someone to draw her

The second pic is an oooold costume of mine. When i9 came out I got a pair of fairy wings and wanted to do a fairy costume. I didn't try very hard (with the costume or drawing), and came up, more or less, with this. 1/2 way through the drawing I knew I didn't really care for what i was drawing or how it was turning out, so I never did add the wings... *shrug* The leaves were kind of fun though.

Next is my main (50 MA/Regen scrapper on Justice), LadyLiberty. I kind of like how this one turned out, but I have a lot of nitpicks with it too. (the head/face being a big one...)

And lastly, my tank again. Really wanted to practice foreshortening a bit with this one. I think some things are over/under foreshortened, but the effect is there at least. My main gripe is the left leg, especially below the knee... And once again I wish I'd spent more time/effort on the face...

Any advice, opinions, and helpful critiques are very very welcome (especially adive and critiques).



I like the bodies and poses. It's good to see you're working on that foreshortening, many people don't get far enough to know they need too.
My only real advice is, keep working on it. There are lots of good resources out there to help you with your faces and I can tell you've got a few good ones for your bodies.
Thank you for sharing those.

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