Origin of Dead Leaves




I really didn't find any place else to put this, and I notice alot of people has poems and stories on DA. I finally wrote up my very first "story" of one my characters, Dead Leaves. She is a plant/thorn dominator that uses the undead axe as a vet reward. This is pretty much her origin story. Feel free to critique it, and if it doesn't belong here, I am sorry and will remove it (edit it to nothing ). So without further ado:

[u] The Origin of Dead Leaves [u]

Once the young sapling of a mighty and majestic Oak, Dead Leaves hatred for humanity had far reaching roots.


“Yes, young one?” the beautiful Oak replied.

“Do you believe what the winds are howling? Do you believe that this threat is coming our way?”

“You need’t fear, my child. Remember the teachings of Nature. All things have a beginning and an end. If it wasn’t for this end, then new beginnings would never arrive,” the Oak reassured her sapling, “We live in a wilderness full of magic. If it is our time to go, another great thing will take our place. Remember the truths of the Circle. There is no end, just a continuation to a new beginning.”

“But that is what I fear!” the sapling angrily snaps, “I don’t think we will be replaced. Don’t you feel it, I know you must! Our land is being sucked dry of its life. We will not simply be replaced; all of us, our wilderness, our land, our forest is being destroyed! They are stealing the life straight from the ground in our home; those of us left will be asphyxiated!”

Then there was an interruption from the whistling leaves and the dancing of grass. They are drawing near! Just beyond the hill, humans were approaching. They have a mage with them, along with some of his followers. The winds fear they plan on using the life of the forest to bring forth an Evil from the past, while the grasses feel unconcerned. The grass doubts the humans are capable of such a feat, but do fear many trees will succumb to their hunger. Humans keep taking from nature, without ever giving thought to the dire results. These magnificent trees with hundreds… thousands… no, millions of years of knowledge will be torn down for what? For shelter? For books? For a path?

“We must stop them!” the bold sapling proclaimed, “We cannot let them annihilate our home!”

Calm down, child. Humans are not as brutal as the winds and the grass proclaim,” the trembling Oak soothes. “Just remember our teachings; Mother Nature would never lead us astray.”

On that final note, the surrounding forest quiets. The leaves no longer rustle, the grass ceased it’s dancing, the winds turn into a calming breeze. A human approaches the Oak. In his hands he carries a peculiar object. It seems to be made out of an unfamiliar substance to the young sapling. The edge of it glistens in the sun. The grip, where the human keeps his hands, seems to be dull and well worn.

This human circles the Oak. “I found a beauty!” he yells to a human in the distance. “This one will be perfect for my house!” A grin comes across his face as he chuckles to himself. He slides his hands together on the grip of this tool as he swings it into the Oak. She trembles. The sapling is horrified. With the human’s next swing, the sapling moves its branches close. The sapling attempts to prevent the human in hurting the Oak by stopping the tool. With a swift smack, the Oak knocks the saplings branch away. “Remember the teachings.” She trembles some more. The sapling attempts to stop the tool once more, and again the Oak intercepts the sapling’s branch. “It is part of the Circle, this may be my end, but a new beginning is soon to follow.” Her proud and once majestic reach towards the sky begins to sway.

“Goodbye, my young child. May you one day stand tall and proud!”

With that, the human strikes his final blow. “Timber!” he proclaims. With a mighty crash, this once beautiful Oak is lying on the ground. “Phew,” the human mumbles as he wipes his brow, “that baby was tough.” He swings his tool into what is left of the Oak’s trunk, its grip stands straight up, almost as to mock the tree that just moments ago stood there. He pulls out a container, it seems to be filled with rainfall, and starts to eagerly drink from it. He sits on the now fallen Oak, and leans forward. His sweat falls to the forest floor. It’s like acid, eating away any life it touches. It corrodes away any decency that a human being could have had. The human makes a mockery of the forest.

The sapling bows its branches. “Why? Why us? Why must these humans destroy such beauty? The teachings, the Circle… Hah! It’s all a lie!” The tree begins to violently shake. The human, hearing a rustling of leaves, lifts his head from his hands and starts to watch this little tree in bewilderment. “I don’t care about the teachings, or the circle, or even Mother Nature! I want revenge! Nothing has a right to come into my home and destroy it, usurping all of its life! Give me vengeance!” The earth under and around the sapling begins to move. The human falls backwards, sliding off the Oak. As he lies on his back, he sees a frightening shadow closing in. Shuffling his feet along the dirt and dead leaves around him, his hands hurriedly fumbling along the Oak, he tries to pull himself up.

He freezes, a look of sheer terror and fear fills he face. “Wh… Wha… What are you!?” Leaning against the Oak, he is staring at a nightmare. “You’re a… You are a…. You can’t be moving, how can you be moving? You’re a tree!” As he cowers in the shadow of this once sapling looming over him, a glistening of metal is seen out the corner of his left eye. “That’s my axe, what are you going to do with my axe? Oh God, no… please drop my axe!”

The swipe across his legs tears the flesh off the bones, severing both his legs in one swing. “My legs, you just cut off both my legs!” the human cries in utter shock. His back slides off the Oak, and he lays there next to it. The earth seems to be drinking in his blood, not a single drop has spread. A word is not spoken, but the human can hear the once young, innocent sapling. “You made the once magnificent Oak fall by this so called, ‘axe.’ Now it’s my time! Just moments ago you thought you were so great. Oh, how the ‘mighty’ have fallen. Lay down! Lay next to your victim! Feel what she feels! Feel your life slowly drains from you!”

Someone or something heard Dead Leaves cry that day. Dead Leaves no longer is a sapling, but it now a creature of torture, suffering, and ultimately death. This power granted this tree not only mobility, but access to use many natural things as tools and weapons against humans. Vines, roots, thorns, and even spores are part of this earthly arsenal; but even with the ability to control some of earth’s most dangerous plants and flora, Dead Leaves will always carry and wield the “axe” with the now dulling blade. This creature’s thirst for vengeance can not be filled. The blood of humans is the only way to give the planet back its life. It plans on giving the earth its fill…