Janus Fanel Fan Art




This is a long overdue fan art for Janus Fanel, vestansan's scrapper in Justice. I draw it after the DareDevil #100 Turner variant cover.

The detail background is drawn to divert your attention to the awful anatomy.

Comments / critics welcomed.



The anatomy is fine.... (one might say very fine if you get my drift :P) and the background is amazing.
I think I saw that toon on Justice sometime in the last few days actually...



NPG, I know I said this over on DA, but I'm amazed by this. This is certinally a treat for me. And yes I was playing Janus a few days ago on Justice.



Janus! My favorite eye-candy! Yum

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Great piece.

Question: how much do you want your subject to stand out from the background? It seems like the guy is smushed in with the glass and the foreground railing is smushed into them both. It's hard for the viewer to get a full grasp of the guy's positioning.

Perhaps try deemphasizing the background from being as intricately lined as the guy? Blur a little, possibly especially parts of the background that are right up next to the guy's lines. And perhaps shade the foreground railing a lot so it loses a lot of details that aren't really worth drawing the eye away from the guy.

Something like that.