Somethinsa' stirrin' (FanFic)




It's been almost a year now since Shadow Jinx defeated the reincarnated Counter Jinx, the shadow of his former self, the left overs of his dark terrible past.

The first Counter Jinx could hide in the shadows and had obtained virtually unlimited knowledge of the ways of a ninja... A demon trained in the ways of nipponese ninjutsu and seemingly unstoppable. But stoppable he was as SJ found a way to take him back and to essentially forgive him of what he had become. Shadow Jinx had absolved his deadly counter part and had become whole. Anguish and hate filled SJ's mind... A battle raged within the hero's mind between the two sides, one of solitary evil, the other of good. Yet in the end, it seemed our hero had triumphed, Shadow Jinx had regained control of his mind and of his torn soul. SJ's newly reconciled soul had given him new strength and a new hope for himself and for his sanity.

But this did not last for long. SJ, although now whole, had horrifying, terrible dreams over the span of a few months. These dreams slowly began to manifest themselves... And with them became a newly reborn Counter Jinx, even more powerful than the last. This "reincarnated" version was able to have control over the undead and with his undead army, they started to spread a plague across Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. The plague caused many casualties... Namely Jinx(y) Jr., SJ's adopted peacebringer son. Shadow Jinx lost it. He lost control over his powers and fell into a absolute state of depression... He did not know what to do. In his solitude, he mourned the death of his hero friends as he watched, helplessly, this new despicable Counter Jinx take over his once great home.

A loner by the name of Nemitry had arrived in Paragon in search of his past during this chaos, the shadow that loomed over the city was no longer a shadow, it had now become a epidemic and the reign of the new Counter Jinx was at hand. Nemitry was undeterred. Ripping through Counter Jinx's army like wet paper, Nem knew he had to find this hero... the one who he heard had some how unintentionally caused this mess to begin with... He knew this hero was the only way to stop Counter Jinx.

After scouring all of Paragon City, he had finally found Shadow Jinx, or what had become of him, hidden inside a now hallowed globe of the Atlas Statue. Shadow Jinx had become a decrepit and mentally unstable shadow of his once heroic self. Nem tried to get some idea out of SJ as to how to destroy Counter, but to no avail... All that came out of SJ's mouth was indescribable babble. All of a sudden, Nem got a horrible pain that seared though his head, and a brilliant painful image appeared... That of two bodies merging. This pitiful insane hero had sent Nem a telepathic message. With that, Nemitry knew what he had to do.

Traveling to what was now Counter Jinx's lair in a place called Nerva Archipelago, Nem carried Shadow Jinx all the way to his other half's abode. After a long, intense, and grueling battle, Nem set the two bodies together and they merged as one. With his mental stability back, Shadow Jinx was horrified at what he had done, although Nem reassured him it was not his fault. He could not help what his other half had wrought. As Counter Jinx was destroyed, so was his work. The city began to return to it's former self and within a month's time, it was back to semi-normal. Although Paragon now remembers all that were lost in the horrific plague that Counter Jinx had caused.

SJ and Nem had become life long friends. Nem eventually was able to help SJ with controlling his other side and his mind. And in return, SJ vowed to help Nem discover his true past.

It's been almost a year now, and Shadow Jinx, once again, feels the tides churning... The tides in his mind. Counter Jinx has been awoken... But Shadow Jinx isn't the one who awoke him. A brilliant image flashes across his temple... And Nem gets the same image. It says only one thing: BFF.

Nemitry Elisha Sistrine knows who this is, and for once in his life, he gets the chills