My first screenshots




Well I figured I might as well finish my day off right. I believe I will eventually have all my characters kept in my DeviantArts Scraps, but I will show off the first one. Meet my robot/forcefield mastermind, Android.

I provided his "bio," but it doesn't do him justice. My ideas for the costumes are that he is still evolving. His original costume, the one on the left, is him during his younger years after his "father" was killed. He had to learn and adapt to his environment, and his costume reflects his immaturity. His mind at the time was maybe that of a young teen, so his fashion sense was, flawed. He just wanted to fit in with the rest of the Rogue Isle so he wasn't singled out.

As his mind matured and his "career" advanced, so did he. All the torture and torment that the citizens of the Rogue Isle endured was what this open "mind" (A.I.) took in. He began to adjust his own appearance to be more villianous and frightening. He also created his own most advanced "son," his Assault Bot. With his now six "sons" and himself, he is fulfilling the legacy in which he was shown at such a young age, the ruthless takeover of the weak.

[/ QUOTE ]

If any of you play on Pinnacle, he was part of the Pinnacle's Night Out: End of Summer Rikti Bash! He can be seen here floating in the top middle wearing his swimming trunks.



That's hilarious, beach party on the Rikti ship, alas many of the Envisionaries play on Liberty & Virtue to my knowledge, with a few spread out on Freedom & Justice.



Yeah, it was great. We had a big turnout, thanks to our great global channels and Ex Libris posting a flyer someone made. It was neat to see people put a bathing suit in place of their normal costume. Like for Android I kept his robotic look, but just gave him swimming trunks. We had an undead couple in bathing suits, too. Was pretty fun and lagfilled!