This Week's Completely Unneccessary Alt...




I still make at least 1-2 Alts a week, despite everything. Here's three I came up with recently, just because:

None More Black The idea for this came when I was teamed with a large demon-like hero who had just one color scheme: black. Skin, costume, everything was black. I made a comment to the team, "How much more black can he be? The answer is none... none more black." I'm sure the Spinal Tap reference was completely lost on my team mates, but it suddenly occurred to me that "None More Black" was a great character name.

The idea here, of course, is: what kind of super hero would someone like Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap want to be? There'd be as much black and spiky stuff as possible, I think. I went for the sinister costume set with tucked in pants and large spiked leather belt. The grinning full-head mask seemed a natural choice. Long hair, of course. There really should be demon horns, but I liked the look of the goggles so much that I went with that instead. Also, it's tempting to go for strap rings as a chest decoration, or to mimic the green skeletal shirt that he always wore in the movie, but ultimately I went with an anarchy symbol just barely visible (from some angles anyway) in not-quite-black gray.

And a fu manchu, just because.

Dark/Dark scrapper, of course. He's the kind of scrapper who likes to turn it up to eleven! I also named him Nigel, although I didn't supply a last name in the bio.

Last Week's Completely Unnecessary Alts:

Quantum Butterfly I had a pair of fairy wings drop to my tank Sailor Shinobu on Freedom. I'd already used a previous recipe for her, and had no particular use for them. They don't sell for as much as they used to, so I decided to design a new character around a fairy/butterfly theme.

Honestly I didn't have any idea in mind before I sat down to do this, so I tried to think up a good name and check it against the name checker. And then the name came to me: The Quantum Butterfly, who creates a hurricane with one flap of her wings. But surely someone had already used it, right?

Amazingly, no!

She had to be a storm defender or troller, of course. After careful consideration I went with gravity/storm. This is probably not a combination I would have ever come up with otherwise, but so far (up to level 7) it seems like a great combo. Although, I must admit, I'm often compelled to play a character more if they have an interesting idea behind them, and I really like the idea behind Quantum Butterfly. ^_^

Serpentine Fire This one started out, I'll freely admit, as a completely lame, uninspired attempt to build a character who looks like a certain anime character (in this case, Naga the Serpent from Slayers). I think I managed a reasonable facsimile. I made her a fire/fire blaster, although really if you wanted to match the anime exactly, Lina Inverse is the one who tosses fireballs all the time, while Naga summons a lot of golems and employs healing spells so she's probably some kind of controller. But I wasn't interested in making an exact copy anyway, just the general look.

So then, the question was what kind of name should I use? I sort of wanted to suggest the character in question, but I also wanted it to be an original name unrelated to the anime, both to avoid doing a direct clone, and so that, even if I later changed the costume to something else, I'd have a character with a name I liked. (And with my penchant for designing new costumes this is a very likely outcome if I play the character much.)

So... I thought of a lot of other snake/serpent names, but when I came back to the idea that she was a fire/fire blaster, my favorite song from Earth, Wind & Fire popped into my head. Again, I was surprised that the name wasn't already taken, but there you are. ^_^

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