Seeking RPer for Long Running Storyline

Madame Pistacio



((Hello all, sorry for the 'want-ad' feel of this post. I run an rp SG on Victory and currently a friend of mine and myself are looking to start a long running storyline that involves new characters- a set of triplets. We will be starting them at level one together and working their way up to 50 rping the entire way in game and on the sg forum. We will also make it a goal to get all the souveniors, accomplishment, and tf/trial badges along the way. What I am looking for is someone who is a strong RPer who is looking to try something a little new. This person should be willing to commit about one or two hours per week to this endeavor and create a new character on Victory.

The basis for this rp are the characters who are three siblings with magic based ice type powers. I would be happy to give details to anyone who woudl like them. If interested, please send me a PM here, contact me in game @Madame Pistacio or @Schatzie, email me or visit and email me there. Thanks!!))

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