A Really Short Guide to Stateman's Task Force STF





This is really just some notes that I made after playing the STF over and over again. Some are common knowledge, and others not so. Focus is on the last mission because that's where most teams run into problems.

<ul type="square"> [*] Once all the web parts are destroyed and after the cut scene, an ambush will attack your team[*] It is not necessary (but safer) to kill all the CoT around the Tree of Thorns[*] The toon with the most survivability takes the Nexus of Thorns[*] After killing a Security Chief, he will call for 2 mobs of back-up. When you get the key, 2 more mobs will follow your team into the building[*] The real Dr. Aeon cons purple and his clones con red[*] You can melee Ghost Widow, as long as the tank taunts from range[*] Spamming clear mind (6+) on the tank helps against GW's attacks[*] If you have the Geas of the Kind Ones accolades, use it when Mako hits Elude (about 25% of his health)[*] If more than 2 AV's are taunted, Do not pass Go. Run for your life and regroup. [*] The flier spawns every 20 minutes[*] After i10, going past the Statue will cause LR to teleport back to his original spot and attack anyone on the towers[*] When tanking Lord Recluse, you can find spots that will allow your defender to be out of Line of Sight (LOS)[*] If within range, rads can use Enervating Field to reduce LR's tank damage while they kill the towers[*] Towers lower than 50% life will spawn Arachnos repairmen continously until 100% healed or dead. Higher than 50%, they will just stand there.[*] Any repairmen left alive will resurrect any towers that have already been taken out previously[*] Kins can heal off Lord Recluse, or better yet, a Bone Spider Executioner (as long as the Tank taunts)[*] Shivans cause rad damage, and are most useful against Lord Recluse[*] You can do a STF without a tank. However, winning this TF is highly dependent on the right combination of (properly built and played) AT's.[*] After defeating the flier, the temptation is to go after LR and the towers immediately. Don't. Get your insps, buffs, and coordinate the attack making sure everyone knows their role and the order to attack in (red, yellow, green, blue is optional)[*] If the tank dies while taunting Lord Recluse, the temptation is to hosp and immediately resume taunting him. Don't. Chances are by the time you get back 2-3 teammates are dead and your chances for successfully destroying whatever tower are low. Take a deep breath, regroup, rebuff, and start that tower over.[*] A successful STF should not take longer than 3.5 hrs (usually 2-3 hrs)[/list]
Ok, that's it. I love this TF because of the amount of thought and teaming involved, but on the flip side, it can cause that much more frustration. Hopefully, this will help with the later.

Good hunting.