(Story) Kapitan Xi Wu Chen's Origin




My name is Kapitan Xi Wu Chen. Despite my Chinese name, I am only Asian by ancestry. I was born in Moscow to a Chinese woman, who was widowed by a Russian man who died in defending his country.

Like my father, I enlisted in the military. I met Boris Sokolov when I was only a Soldat, which is equivalent to a private in the American army. We were part of the Hammer of the Soviet Union, keeping those who rebelled against the Kremlin in line.

While being stationed in Skopin, as part of a unit of 8, we were ambushed by a rebel faction in the streets. Four of the troops were killed almost immediately, and Sokolov would have died too if I did not tackle him when I saw a sniper aiming at his head. During the battle, I wounded by sharpnel, which caused me to go blind in my right eye. Sokolov stayed with me throughout the battle, and in the end, we were left with one rebel, who surrendered, thinking that telling us where their cell leader was hiding would save his life. He was gravely mistaken.

For our efforts, I was promoted to Kapitan and Sokolov to Luytenant. During the time that the shrapnel was being removed from my eye, the Wall had been torn down, and the Soviet Union with it. We were still treated as heroes, and remained in the army for over a decade.

Before the end of the Cold War, Russia always told of the decadent Americans, and how their ways would bring ruin to the world.

I tend to disagree, on the latter at least.

Americans are too decadent for their own good. Every female hero and villain I see is wearing either skintight spandex or are wearing too-revealing clothing. Why wear such unprotective attire when you are getting shot at every day? Foolish.

But I do not see it to be that destructive to themselves. In fact, I see a lot of oppurtunity in America. Since our honorable discharge from the army two years ago, me and my only true friend, Sokolov, have not had much to do. We are true soldiers, and simpleton guard work felt beneath us. So we went to America.

It wasn't long until I was arrested for taking part in a smuggling ring, as well as pulling heists and killing a few Longbow agents. But, in the time I spent in Paragon City, I managed to secure myself a good lawyer.

Interesting differences between America and Russia. In America, a man will defend you even though he knows you are guilty and will do anything to prove you are innocent... if you can give him enough money. Russian justice is not nearly as corrupt. Also, America has much more superhumans that are considered rogue. In Russia, if you are superhuman, you were drafted into the army, or killed. And that was after the Cold War. Before that, you were simply killed.

The money I spent on the lawyer was money well spent. Most of the serious charges were unable to stick. I was found not guilty on everything except conspiracy. For that, I was given six months. Sokolov got four.

But they thought I was willing to stay in the Zig for that time. They were gravely mistaken. Within a few weeks, Sokolov and I managed to escape in the confusion of one of Arachnos' raids on the prison. We were seperated, of course, but that did not hinder us. We found ways to communicate with each other that did not require us to be face to face. We took some weapons from the police locker, and took Arachnos' helicopter to the Rogue Islands.

I have plans for these islands. Big plans. We were only two mercenaries working together as partners. But here, mercenaries are a dime a dozen.

I am going to amass an army. There are many former Soviet citizens and those with Russian blood in these isles. I can amass them into one force. The Moscow Kompany. We will attain money through whichever means we deem fit. Killing the Italians, bringing in drugs, delivering stolen goods for the Goldbrickers to the Black Market. If we can profit from it, we will do it.

And in time, not even Recluse will be able to stop us.