Training Room Back Up!




Earlier today, Friday, September 7th, we took the Training Room and Training Room01 Test Servers offline to start a series of operations and tests in preparation to implement the coming Character Rename feature and un-reserving the names of characters below level 6 on inactive accounts.

Unfortunately, those processes are running much longer than anticipated. As a result, we are going to need to keep both Test servers offline and unavailable for player log-in over the weekend of Sept. 8 and 9. Our apologies for the lack of prior notification on this development.

EDIT: We were able to finish what we needed to with the Training Room and as of 7:30 AM Eastern on Saturday, Sept. 8th the Training Room Test Server is back online and available. The Training Room01 is still down, however. But, with the main Training Room back online PvP and testing out builds, etc. can continue.

Have a great weekend!

To discuss this announcement, join us on the original discussion thread on the Test Server forums.

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