Old Character looking for New Art




Well I've been here since day 2 of CoH release? I've had about 1 constant on any and every Server I have bothered to Play on in my Main Character War Patriot. I've done stuff myself with screenshots and such though drawing is so not my forte.

So With the boards as active as they are I'll see what going on here. I'm looking to get some stuff done of War Patriot and depending on the quality, possibly looking to commission a peice or two. I'm waiting to hear back from Doug Shuler aka Darkjedi (just oen of those I have to have one done by him deals he's awesome), but I have fudning set aside for that, and other artist do great stuff as well so the more the merrier. If your interesting in just doing sketches or if you do some seroius art and have time to do one let me know and we can work somethign out I'm sure.

Links to check out War Patriot will be below as well as my Hero Cards I did from screenshots of different characters, they aren't much but heh they were fun to do.

Thanks for any and all replies in advance you can private message me if you need to artist so you don't just announce you can do work and end up on a slam.

War Patriot Screens

Hero Cards

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