Clarification of Recent Credit Card Billing Issues




As online business continues to grow and develop, issues surrounding the different monetary transactions involved in that growth change as well. Recently, banks and financial institutions have been dealing with increased cancelled charges or charge backs on credit cards used for online game play. One example of this is a credit card, issued to a parent, that is used without the parentÂ’s knowledge to pay for an online video game by their child. Upon discovering the charge, the parent calls the bank and has the charge reversed or claims it is fraudulent.

To protect themselves from this, or other sorts of issues with credit card charges, some issuing financial institutions may not allow charges to be transacted from online gaming companies without prior consent. This may result in a user experience where the use of a credit card for monthly online game charges is denied. Users who have such experiences can best address this by calling the financial institution that issued their credit card. If you have your credit card in front of you, look on the back of it for a Customer Service number to call. Be sure to request to speak with the fraud prevention department to authorize the charges to go through.

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