Looking for RP group in game




Hello all. I am a long time Rper. And have Rped in several diffrent games, Eve, Guild Wars, Horizons, Sword of the New World. I would like to fins a group to Rp with here in COH. My character name is Drive Incarna and I play on the Protector server. But have no problem with changing. Hope to hear from you soon



Well, welcome to Protector. I'm @Grey's Army, and I call Protector my home base, too. Be careful hanging out in that section of the forum, though, they're a little wonky in the head (admittedly so).

While Protector is usually a haven for level-headed play (Most horror stories you'll read about on this forum tend to occur on the more populated servers like Freedom), you're probably looking for in-game RP. Most in-game RP players are located in Virtue. It tends to stay pretty decent, but the RP that goes on in there apparently runs the entire gamut, so whatever caution you utilized in prior games, be sure to keep at it here.

Protector is more of a home for Concept RPers, people who make their characters then later write down their stories. As such, it has a rather even mix of the various gamers, from PLers to in-game RPers, to people just having a good time, and it doesn't really suffer morons very long (word travels fast in such a small community as to who to watch out for).

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