Crusifix Character screenshot and bio




This is my katana/regen scrapper

The Cybernetically enhanced hunter known as Crusifix was once a normal man named Solomon Dumont. He lived a normal life, went to church every sunday lived with his parents who were both members of a secret society hunters and mages known as the Clerics of Zion That all changed one night when he and his family were attacked by a pack of werewolves. Both of his parents werte killed and he was left for dead with his arms ripped off. Next thing he knew, he was in a lab being fitted with new cybernetic arms and was injected with nanites that gave him the ability to regenerate and also gave him tough skin. His bones were laced with liquid version of an indestructable metal known as invulnerium making his bones unbreakable and giving him super human strength. When he asked where his parents were, they told him that they had perished and that it had to do with them being members of the Clerics of Zion. Solomon swore he would avenge them and let the clerics train him. He was given a katana and various gadgets like exploding shurikens and a visor that granted him infra red x ray and night vision. He then made a costume for himself with a mask and hood to cover his face. Soon the very creatures that killed his parents would be hunted down. Taking the symbol of the cross he dubbed himself Crusifix.