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Q & A with Castle

Some personal questions to start off with:

Q: What is your favorite toon to PvP with?

Castle: I most often PvP with my Mind/Psi
Dominator, though my BS/Regen scrapper is a close second. I generally refer to
them as “characters” rather than “toons,” by the way. It’s an interesting
distinction. It can tell you a bit about the person’s gaming background,
depending on which term they choose to use.

Q: Have you ever been "yelled at" or "bad-mouthed" for
defeating someone in a PvP zone?

Castle: Of course. As a rule, I have enemy chat
turned off. I don't care what the enemies are saying, in the least. This is
especially true for people I defeat who are "just farming."

Q: Any hardcore PvPers in the office? If so, who's the best?

Castle: I don't really think of any us as
"hardcore." As for who is the best, I don't really know. When we were doing
Arena/PvP testing prior to release, there were three or four of us who were
pretty obviously better than the others here at the office (Pohsyb, Positron
and I among them.) Since then, though, most of my PvP testing has been
incognito on the live servers and training room.

Q: What's your preferred PvP venue? Arena and specific map
or one of the zones?

Castle: I tend to PvP in Siren's Call or RV. I
truly enjoy Base Raiding. I would love for us to schedule in the time to get
that all working again.

Now on to the PvP in game questions:

Castle: Before I answer any of these, let me
first make something clear. At this point, any PvP related change that could in
anyway negatively impact PvE is unlikely to happen. I also have little time to
dedicate to PvP related issues. Taken together, this means that major changes
to PvP are not likely to come anytime soon.

There are a lot of existing problems with Arenas, Base Raiding (in effect, it
doesn't exist), and the zones (RV farming, Siren's Bounty). How often do these
get brought up in your planning, and what are the chances they might get fixed
in the near future?

Castle: Unfortunately, those aren't really in my
purview. My responsibilities lie with trying to make the powers and AT's
'balance' well in a team setting. We end up talking about specific issues in
the PvP zones on an irregular but frequent basis. I recently made some changes
to the Heavies in Recluse's Victory based on some abusive behavior players were
performing with them. There are a few more changes coming to the Heavies to
complete that fix.

Q: Speaking of the Arena, has the data accumulated from the PvPEC
regarding Arena bugs been looked at, and will the information move us any
closer to fixing some of the issues with kicks?

Castle: We most definitely appreciate the
feedback and insight our players provide. We are always looking at player
submitted bugs and prioritizing the time it takes to fix versus the impact it
has on the game as a whole.

Q: Continuing with the Arena questions, will we see the
kiosk system tournament option fixed or removed? I understand that new PvPers
feel that it’s an eyesore and confusing because they don’t know that it has no

Castle: I would love for the tournament option to
be enabled as well, but that is a larger decision that involves all disciplines
within the development team.

Q: There are a lot of great ideas for new PvP features and
rewards (new match types, new minigames, PvP related IOs, selectable arena
maps, the list is long). Is there a real chance we might see some of them? Is
there anything the PvP community can do to improve the chances of seeing them?

Castle: Positron would be the man to talk to
about this. There is always the possibility we could spend some time there
working on new PvP features. Of course, any new features compete with
everything else we’d love to do with the game.

When it comes to Patron Power Pools, some Inherents (Fury), and the selection of
powers available in certain zones (the lack of a +Per buff in Sirens for
example), the villains look to get the short end of the stick in PvP. What
would you do to help address things like that?

Castle: Good question. Obviously, Blasters and
Stalkers are kings of the hill, PvP wise, accounting for more than half the
total reputation out there. We're aware of the Flavors of the Month (year,
whatever) and why they are as popular as they are.

Q: Is there any plans to take power animations into account
when balancing powers against each other?

Castle: Future powersets will have animation
times taken into consideration. We'll look into retrofitting existing powersets
as time becomes available, but I can't promise anything.

Q: Cathedral of Pain. I know it's not technically PvP but it
is the basis of base raiding. Any word whether it will be re-introduced anytime
in the future?

Castle: As I said earlier, I’d really, really
want this live. I think it's a fun, fast bit of Supergroup/Raid content. It's
not even particularly challenging; it's just fun.

Q: Some time ago you began a thread about To Hit versus
Defense in PVP. Can you elaborate if this thread has led you to any design

Castle: That thread was purely research oriented.
The first line of it stated, "This post is *NOT* a precursor of any particular
impending change. The topic is strictly informative and for discussion," and
that remains true. What it *did* do, was cause me to do further research into
the capabilities of our game engine, the culmination of which was changing
certain Invention Bonuses from being "To Hit" modifiers to being "Accuracy"

Q: I saw the thread you started on Defiance…anything good
come out of that?

Castle: A few weeks back, I started a thread
discussing options of things we can do to improve the state of Blasters,
focusing on Defiance as the primary fulcrum. 3,000 posts later, I had to stop
reading. There were a lot of great ideas and a lot of very good discussion
about those ideas. In the end, I collated a list of eighteen ideas and sat down
with Statesman, Positron, Back Alley Brawler, Poz, Ghost Widow and a few others
who don’t have board names and hashed through all the options. I started on
actual testing of the results of that meeting last week.

And, to round things out, a couple of general questions:

Q: How much of your time is devoted to fixing existing bugs?

Castle: Easily 1/4th of my time is spent testing,
verifying and fixing bugs that you folks find and report. I know that many,
many issues are still outstanding in the land of powers and entities, but I do
my best to keep on top of them. Keep sending in the reports…eventually, I’ll
get to ‘em!

Q: Can you tell us about what you did for the Pet AI in
Issue 10?

Castle: For Issue 10, I switched the AI values
for Animate Stone and Jack Frost, which improved things for many players.
Stoney still has problems of not cycling through his melee attacks terribly
well, and Jack has a slight tendency to get himself defeated when up close and
personal, but they are both still improved. I’m still looking at ways to
improve the existing issues with them, and I’m looking into reports of odd AI
issues with various Mastermind and Corruptor pets. In particular, the Bruiser
is problematic and I *really* want to get him working up to snuff.

Thank you Castle for taking the time to answer a few questions.

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By Popular Request

This is the fifth in a series of By Popular Request articles,
which reviews commonly requested player suggestions that have strong positive
support and discusses the implications and consequences that need to be
considered if these suggestions were to be implemented.

This week’s subject: Recipe Management

Easier management of recipes involves the increased utility of the
invention system with regards to recipes in whatever format that can be
accomplished. This would include the creation of IOs from recipes, and the
acquisition of recipes and salvage to make them via the CH. This article will
not review the concept of making recipes and salvage easier to swap between
characters because the points and counterpoints of such a modification has been
covered in the sixth P:CP article, which you can review

There are a number of ways recipe management can be improved. The
salvage you have in a character’s personal storage could highlight in a
different color when looking at a character’s recipes, making it easier to
avoid purchasing redundant salvage. Salvage that can be used in any of the
recipes you currently have could also be highlighted in some way, on the
character and at the CH. The CH interface’s user friendliness could also be
increased by allowing the components of a particular recipe to be selected more
easily, like allowing a player to click the name of the salvage in the recipe
and instantly be shown the information regarding that piece of salvage.

Market Report

Go. Farm. Sell rarez.

With the threat of the Rikti largely contained, caped crusaders
are once again returning to their normal endeavors; high-level arcane commons
have returned to their pre-invasion levels. Many observers have breathed sighs
of relief that no long-term damage to market stability appears to be

Meanwhile, debate has erupted regarding whether high price
differentials in the salvage market are inherently undesirable. Analysis of the
disparity between tech and salvage rare valuations has largely displaced
analysis of the disparity between redside and blueside markets as the raging
topic. The focus of the discussion is how much the current pricing incentivizes
farming specifically for arcane rares, which many crusders of both stripes
undertake, and whether said incentives represent an imbalance that should be

Whichever side of the debate you fall on, if you participate in
the discussions you should be prepared for vigorous defense of the opposing
position. A stout heart and heat-retardant tights are highly recommended. The
most active thread on the topic may be found

Top sellers on each market as of the morning of 8/16:



















of the Furies
















Trapped Gem







Black Market


















of the Furies








Trapped Gem















View the full report

- Protea

Community Relations Manager

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Call to Arms

Back to front page

A few weeks ago we challenged our readers to write inspiring
speeches to call the heroes and villains of the world to rise up and repel the
new Rikti threats. The replies were overwhelming.After announcing the winners
last week, we couldn’t help by share more of the awe-inspiring, motivating, and
moving speeches that were delivered to us. This week we share with you the
honorees and one of our Runner-Ups.

Honorable Mention:

Check Your Fear at the Door

Heroes and villains. Our planet has been invaded, and we must now
stand together and fight for our survival. All across the globe, a Rikti force,
not unlike the one that invaded five years ago, has appeared, in hopes of
taking over our civilization. Only with a united front, can we have any hope of
defeating these invaders.

These alien forces have returned once more to our planet in
massive attack waves. They come with armor that has improved since we last
battled them. They come with incredible technology, including
nigh-indestructible spacecraft and bombs ready to destroy both Paragon City and
the Rogue Isles. They come with one goal in mind: the conquering of Earth.

Across Europe, the super-powered individuals are becoming more
vigilant, always on the lookout for more of these invaders. These heroes and
villains have unionized, defiant to their would-be invaders, standing their
ground so as not to lose their survival in the future. We must do the same.

Heroes: Pinnacles of virtue and justice. Villains: Champions of
strength. Individually, both groups are forces to be reckoned with. But only
together do we have any hope of defeating the Rikti. Only by combining the
infinite number of super-powered beings, as protectors of the freedom of
humanity and guardians of the liberty of our race, is there a chance for us
humans to achieve victory and triumph over the alien scum. This invasion is a
test, serving as the proving grounds to decide whether our existence is worthy
enough to continue, and whether we can show that when in a state of emergency,
we can overcome. Which is what we will do: overcome and overpower the Rikti

A time has come to decide what must be done. We must take a peak
into the looking glass, and choose our future. A shadow of the past has
returned, in the form of the Rikti, and we must not allow them to continue any
further in our dimension. The Vanguard has now risen, as a council of war, to
defeat these invaders, and you too have a chance to join them in this battle.
We must battle this threat with all of our strength, just like the ancient
roman gladiators used to do in the colosseum. The invaders’ threat has been
building in strength for the past five years, and like a forest of dread, their
numbers have increased to unimaginable levels. Along came a spider of
intolerance and violence, which has crept into the very heart of our country:
Paragon City. However our future will turn out, it is time for our destinies to
manifest themselves into a war between humans and the Rikti. As super-powered
beings, we must act as saviors of the planet, to protect and serve all those
who inhabit it. The Rikti have made a breakthrough, and are now able to pass
through the war walls that protect our city. Only by banding together, can we
stop this invasion.

And now, I simply ask you to forget any petty differences you may
share with your counterparts for the time being, and instead join them in
fighting these invaders. General Douglas MacArthur once said, “It is fatal to
enter any war without the will to win it,” which in this case, couldn’t be any
truer. Unless we believe we can work together to win this, we will not succeed.
We cannot hesitate one second in our fight. This is a war. Check your fear at
the door.

Honorable Mention:

To Arms, to Arms

A Call To Arms

Hero 1. Omega Team. Galaxy Girl. These are names you have
undoubtedly all heard. They were heroes, and they gave up their lives to
protect us all from the Rikti.

Private Alex Timmons was a newly enlisted soldier, and was killed
during an effort to keep the Rikti from overrunning Atlas Park. Catherine Adams
was a warehouse supervisor, and died making certain her co-workers had all
reached safety. Charles “Chuck” Lee lost his life distracting a group of Rikti
from his family, who live in King’s Row to this day. These names are less well
known, but they were no less heroes. They were ordinary people, but when called
upon to protect our home from the Rikti invaders, they did not hesitate. That
makes them extraordinary.

Margaret Timmons does charity work to help the Lost, Peter Adams
raises his daughter Mary, and I’m told Janet Lee has just started medical
school. Synapse and Positron saved many from thirst in the aftermath of the
invasion. Many heroes become so not by dying, but by living.

Now, the Rikti invade once more. Their goal is no less than the
destruction or enslavement of humanity. Should they succeed, the sacrifices of
all of our heroes, living or dead, famous or unknown, superpowered or
otherwise, will be for nothing. Should they succeed, the memories and
accomplishments of the people of our world will end. We fight for our lives,
our freedom, and for all those that have come before.

Their sacrifices and accomplishments shall not be in vain! We must
prevail, and we shall! The Rikti are here! To arms, brothers and sisters, to

Runner Up:

Silence You Fools

"Silence... SILENCE You fools!

"...I know some of you are clutching your fingers and gnashing
your teeth for the chance to obliterate the foolish hero or villain nearest to
you. I Know some of you would just as soon end this little 'gathering' in a
flurry of explosive force that would rock the very War Walls that surround this
zone. But take a good, long look at those walls while you simmer in your
suits... Just outside those walls is a race ready to tear through them AND us
like cheap tissue... And while I’m sure you're all confident in the fact that
the pest beside you will be nothing next to your might against the Rikti, The
Rikti have other plans... The first Rikti war was merely the beginning, and it
alone nearly tore Paragon, And the world to pieces! What we face now is an
INVASION! There will be no world to conquer or defend if we lose it now...

"While Longbow and Arachnos may be content to sit in their roosts,
waiting out the invasion and aftermath for a chance to strike at the heart of
one another, WE are free to turn our constant war on one another into an
unstoppable force against these foolish creatures that DARE to stand against
us! And when we're done, we can take the weapons of these foolish aliens and
turn to a new chapter in our war if we choose...

"I'm not asking you to join hands and get along... Only to turn
that hate on those that would take from us a world that is OURS to defend or
destroy... The choice you have to make is weather you want to HAVE a choice...
or have it smothered under the armies of the Rikti.

"So go ahead. Ponder what you will do to the unlucky adversary that crosses
your path once this is all over. But first turn that hate against these alien
creatures, and remove these invaders from our world Once and for ALL!"

Community Relations Manager

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Arts & Entertainment

Base Showcase

SG Information: Disciples of the Darkhand,
Freedom, Heroes.

DDH was established in 1996 on a MUD named Medievia. Since then,
it has been ever-growing, working its way into many of the world's finest MMOs.
As of April 2007, DDH made its first official appearance in CoH, determined to
radically change the face of Paragon. With a now active player base of about 30
members, a website (, and a mission statement. DDH
is invoking an experience that makes an MMO great.

Hamenopi, the base's chief designer, does not spend too much time
working on the base because most of her art comes to her as a vision: a few
hours here, a few touch-ups there. She attempts these feats only when the need
and the desire is at the forefront and the SG is at rest.

Favorite base item: Anything that can be proxied
into something else. Book shelves in particular, if you turn them around, they
become wood paneling as seen in the medical facility and the cafe, as well as
plant boxes as seen in the meeting hall, and the medical facility. Don't be
afraid to use something for other than it was meant for. The grass in the Inner
Sanctum is actually green gravel; the Tranquility Pond, blue gravel.

What do I enjoy about Base editing: My
imagination, this ties directly into my last statement. If you notice in the
Inner Sanctum, we have a glass roof leading to a clear sky outside. In
actuality, it is just a warehouse roof colored blue and gray to look like the
sky. What I don't like is some of the room collision, the lack of ceiling and
floor runners within a doorway, and the fact I can not choose between a door
and a portal. Yet I have done and shall do what needs to be done with the tools
handed to me.

Wish list: I want my very own Wentworth's
Computer to spare myself of accidentally running to WW with my resolution set
to the highest possible setting. Make it one million prestige. People will buy
it. Other than that, a few extra decorative items, the ability to place items
on a cabinet, and a second floor feature (with a possibility of personal
quarters you can log out and back inside).

My advice to a new SG leader is: Sit down. Do you
really want to do this? Do you understand how much work it is to have a decent
SG? Unless you are that demented type who can devote nearly all their free time
to nurture, care, and encourage your SG, you will not have a competitive SG. I
have been leading Guilds/SGs/Clans/etc. for ten years. It comes naturally for
me. If it doesn't come naturally, if you aren't the one who always tried to
have the star, to go the extra mile for everyone in your SG, forget about
making one. Join another to which you can relate to.

In closing, you have asked me if I wanted to add anything. I will
respond with DDH's mission statement and a closing quote:

Disciples of the Darkhand strive to excel at any and every task
that lies before us. Founded on the belief that quantity does not make a Super
Group great, but quality. Our purpose is to teach, to train and to learn from
each of our personal strengths; bettering not only ourselves, but DDH as a
whole. We do not look for numbers, for statistics... we look for the ones who
desire to be great, the ones who require the best.

Together, under the Darkhand that forever shall shade our path, we
will succeed!

Artist Interview:


q. Hey Sayterra! I don't know what to call you, I'm sorry. Is there
a nickname or particular alias you prefer?

Say is fine. Goat is fine. Those are the two established nicknames
I have in game. I don't particularly care to answer to them in real life. Or
you could be daring and just call me Karen. Very exciting.

q. When did you start drawing and why?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... When I was a child I
was obsessed Beatrix Potter and the Serendipity book series. I'd furiously copy
both artists. It was an escape really, I didn't have to pay attention to the
rest of the world while I was drawing. I was hyper focused.

q. Whats the worst experience you've had as an artist and what did
you learn from it?

Wow, there are so many. And I don't mean that in a negative light,
I've had sculptures blow up in kilns, I've had to repaint things. Though I
think one of the worst experiences I had was painting a visual development
piece at school and I was so incredibley proud of it because it was a city
scene and I hate doing cities. Two days before finals, I spilled pink lemonade
over it, and the original line drawing. Oh, I forgot to say, this was in
watercolor. So the piece was ruined. I tried to paint over it, to no avail. The
sugar just tore apart any paint I put down. It was about 40 hours of painting
lost. I still have the piece and it's a constant reminder to keep liquids away
from me while I paint.

q. What are your favorite pieces of work you've done and why? How
long did they take and what mediums did you use?

I tend not to have many favorites if at all. Every piece is a
learning experience really. Now things I learned the most on individual
pieces...that's easy.

Last year I was given the task of working on the visual
development of an Alice in Wonderland project. The stipulation was that they
had to be in a style like Peter de Seve. It was a wonderful time for me to
learn that I could draw solely in ink and produce images that weren't like
anything I'd done before. There was a great moment for me at a gallery showing
where the White Rabbit won me an award at my first juried show.

Chibi Ghost Widow was a breakthrough for me in regards to color in a more
comic-color sense. It wasn't a long or involved piece, but I still like it.

was an interesting sketch for me since this came six months after I thought I
was going to quit art back in 2004. I just didn't enjoy drawing. I feel it was
the most successful sketch I did that year. I did it while on break while
working at Sony Games (as a game tester, Hi Dar, Masa, Gabe, Tim!) and it was
just, this weird realization that this is what I wanted to do with the rest of
my life. I wanted to draw. It's also a favorite because I like doing dramatic
stuff I just rarely have a chance to.

q. If you were asked to design costumes for CoX, what would you do?
Would you add designs, prints, pieces and what would they be like?

Even though the devs already nixed it out: long skirts. I'd love
to see robes, and better hair styles for both men and women. Wavy or curly hair
for gals that isn't an afro. For guys? Zoot suits. It'd also be nice to have
tunics, proper vests, and perhaps coattails instead of just trenchcoats. I'd
also like to see gowns for women, non-worn hoods...

q. What has been the biggest influence in your life dealing with

Talk about tossing the book at me. That's like asking "how do you
draw?" My friends. My family. The love of my life. Other artists. There's
always this urge to be better, do better, draw better. Animation and comics are
a really cutthroat industry, so constantly striving to learn more and change
your portfolio is constantly gnawing at me. I'm in the process of redoing my
portfolio for the third time this year.

q. Who are your favorite artists?

Right now, I'm going to give some attention to an artist who
recently passed away, Mike Weiringo. He was a major influence for me as a
teenager with his series Tellos. He was insanely talented, and a nice guy. I
think that's the basic prerequisite for liking a particular artist, they have
to be fantastic and be a good person. Other favorite artists: Edmund Dulac,
Arthur Rackham, Claire Wendling, Bruce Timm, Lynne Naylor, Alex Ross, my fellow
artist friends... really too many to name.

q. If you could only have one sense (sight, hearing, touch, taste,
or smell), which would you choose? If you had to lose one, which would you

The senses are a very strange lot. Many link up. So if you lost
your sense of smell, things would taste awful, or vice versa, if you lost your
sense of taste, then what good would it be to smell wonderful things like cakes
and roast chicken if you can't taste them. If I could have only one sense, I'd
have to go with touch. I could get used to lacking sight or sound, maybe even
smell and taste, but being unable to feel someone hugging me, or reaching out
and stroking the fur of my cat, I think that would be the worst. I'm a very
tactile person.

As for losing just one? Oddly easy. Sight. I could still do art
(sculpting), I could still hear the music I love, taste and smell. Very easy,
sight would be the first one to go.

q. Why do you think that art is important?

Art is life. We eat, drink, breathe art. Someone had to design
your computer screen and keyboard. Your food, your beverages. We listen to it,
we see it. There isn't a single thing on this planet that wasn't inspired by
the design of another design.

q. Do you listen to music when you draw? What do you listen to?

I cannot live without music. Music is my life. I listen to
everything (well perhaps not much rap or polka, but it doesn't mean I don't
like it). Neko Case, Tom Waits, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Imogen Heap,
Flogging Molly, Ekova, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer...

q. What do you do when you get artists block/a lack of inspiration?
Do you have a personal cure?

I start pouring through artbooks of artists I like, websites,
anything to get inspired. I listen to music, I get up and walk around the
neighborhood. Sometimes the best cure for not knowing what to draw, is to get
away from your pad of paper, your tablet, whatever you're working on, and take
a breather.

q. What is the best advice you can give to artists?

Draw and keep drawing. Every artist has so many bad drawings built
up in them, that we have to keep drawing to get them out. And once all the bad
drawings are out, then we'll start to learn. I don't remember the quote if it's
a 1000 bad drawings or 10,000 bad drawings... It really doesn't matter. Draw to
draw and don't sweat the small stuff.

Week at the Arena

This week has contained some great nights at the arena for many
Supergroups participating in the official ladder. All of the seven ranked SGs
that signed up for the ladder were in action. First up, on Wednesday night, we
had the Freaks of Legend versus Old School:

-The first match, Freaks brought a storm team against OS's
standard line-up, and the skirmish was waged on the Atlas Park map. The score
was 14-2 (Scores)

-The second match, OS brought their storm team, and FoL brought
their standard team. The score was 11-4 in favor of the Freaks. (Scores)

-The last match had both SGs bringing their standard teams into
the infamous cave map. The match and the game went to the Freaks with the score
being 36-14. (Scores)

(Thanks to Not Putzing for the pictures of the scores.)

The second match of the night had Statesman's Watch and Hell
Raisers duking it out:

-The first match was 27-20, in favor to the Hell Raisers.

-The second match was 25-21, with Statesman's Watch winning.

-The last match and the game went to Statesman's Watch with the
scores being 18-10. (Sorry, no pictures)

Thursday night, we saw the Freaks in action again, against the
number one ranked Justice for All League. *match happening tonight guys*

Sunday at 9EST there are two matches taking place. The first is
Velocity versus Old School, and the second is Statesman's Watch versus The
Rising at 10EST.

For more information about the ladder, PvP, the arena, and joining
one of these teams, visit this link:

PvP Guide to Guides


Dear Athy,

Recently my super group has gotten into a war of words with a villain group.
Things used to be fine between the two of us but now no one wants to get along.
After fighting alongside these folks in the war zone it is hard to be mean back
to them. How can I help us stay friends?

Intensive care bear

Dear ICB,

How do the other heroes feel about this? If there’s a large enough number that
enjoy the friendship, then you wouldn’t be alone playing referee. However,
playing that role alone will get very tiring, very soon.

This might sound like overdoing it, but have you tried to broker a peace

Advice From the X

Greetings boys, girls, and beings of indeterminate gender! It's LiquidX, back
from the Spiral Zone to give you crazy kids your weekly helping of advice!

"Dear LiquidX,

I've been fighting crime for 3 months and I've earned my trench coat, which I
absolutely love. Here's my problem, I am a costume addict, and I use the
majority of my influence on costume changes instead of IOs. When I hit the
streets most members of my SG ask what I'm wearing this week. Am I a lone freak
in this or are other people like me? Also I try to be modest in my appearance,
and I'm a major SexyJay fan, but I seem to be running out of modest options
that don't make me feel like I should be working in a burlesque Theater - How
can I continue to keep my proper Southern image in a town where it's okay to
bare it all? I guess I'm just a Paragon prude.


Asking Questions in Paragon"

Dear Asking Questions,

Don't feel bad... There are many Heroes (and Villains) that love being on the
cutting edge of fashion. In fact, the Backalley Brawler himself is known to be
quite a fan of the ICON Tailors, and is always wearing the latest in designs
from Serge and Co. Meanwhile, many Heroes and Villains swear by the talents of
the mysterious rogue tailor SexyJay, who has no qualms in outfitting both the
Heroically and Villainously inclined persons.

Also, you can rest easy knowing that you are not the only person to feel uneasy
at the amount of skin most modern Heroes and Heroines show. There are actually
several advocacy groups that support a return to the more modest style of
outfit. The largest such group is "M.A.S.C." (Mothers Against Skimpy Costumes),
which is currently working with ICON in an effort to provide more modest

And there you have it! Now if you folks will excuse me, I'm off to sort the
latest batch of restraining orders that have filled my office while I was

Community Relations Manager

If you have a specific in game, account, tech or billing problem please contact our Customer Support team via The Knowledge Base "Ask A Question" page.



the Mask

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Liberty Server

Where do you live?

I live in Glasgow, Scotland.

Do you have any pets?

I have my pet cat, Attila, who has decided that he can talk to us
and now won't shut up.

Most interesting place you have visited.

Probably Denver. The culture difference there was mind-blowing,
and it really started opening my eyes to the differences between Scotland and
other places in the world.

Your top three songs of all time

“Subway to Venus” - Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Tommy the Cat” - Primus

“I Saw Your Mommy” - Suicidal Tendencies

What 5 TV shows could not live without?

I don't really watch a huge amount of TV, but when I do, it's
“Heroes” and “Spooks” (BBC drama set around MI5 agents in the field).

Best book you last read?

“American Gods” - Neil Gaiman

What is your favorite pop culture qoute?

"Someone set up us the bomb" - blame the Rikti ship raids!

What other hobbies do you have?

I play bass, and have done for around 15 years, and record music
(the wonder of computers!). I read a large number of books, normally a book
every day or two. Mainly though, I play computer games - PC, PS2, Xbox 360,
Wii, and all their ancestors are in use in my house.

is your real life hero?

Probably my stepdad. He married my mum who had two adult sons
already, looked after her when she was sick, and never once complained about
anything. He walked into someone else's family without knowing them a great
deal, and has proven every minute of every day that he deserves to be a part of
that family.


Didn't you know? Scotsmen only ever wear kilts.

What is your home server and why did you end up picking it as your
home server?

Liberty. Total fluke mainly - I rolled my first character there,
and one of my real life friends already had a few there, so we both played a
while and ended up making it our home.

How did you get drawn to this game?

You're a hero. You get to fly around and beat on bad guys. What's
not to be drawn into? The fact it was also a very simple pick-up-and-run game
compared to other games with their overcomplicated stat-sheets and economies

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

The community, definitely. If it wasn't for the people on LBx and
my globals list, I would probably have left a while ago, but those guys all
keep it interesting and every day they make me smile. Badge hunting helps as
well - I can't resist shiny things.

Who is your namesake character and what are they?

Hakster is a Katana/Super Reflexes Scrapper, an alien from a
distant planet where the general use of nanotechnology to awaken a person's
potential is commonplace. As happens in the best sci-fi, they came to Earth.
Since then he has been fused with a Nictus to create the Warshade known as

Which type of character would you say is your favorite to play and

Kheldians. The potential they have is unmatched, but the challenge
in unlocking the potential makes is more rewarding. It's not uncommon for
people to give up a Kheld in the teen levels because they just can't figure it
out, but sticking with them until you start getting the signature powers will
give you so many "Wow" moments.

How do you normally handle new challenges in the game?

I run away, hide, and hum loudly hoping they will go away. Either
that or I just jump in feet first and see how I get on.

What zone is your favorite?

Striga. It is so well put together, and the story behind it so
amazing. It is also home to my two favourite Task Forces in the game.

What is your favorite Storyline in the game?

For scaring people, the 45-50 Kheldian arc. It has a great story,
and when people zone in and see that there's an AV as well as sex Shadow Cysts,
things get quite hairy! For overall story content, the full Faultline zone
story is the best writing in the game so far.

It has been a busy year for the game so far. Do you feel that I9
and I10 really added anything to the game and why?

Issue 9 I believe opened a great many doors for people. I think
the economy is very unbalanced, but mainly because of the amount of influence
that was in circulation, and it is already starting to level out a bit. Being
able to plug the holes that ED left for some people is always a good thing, and
it's not uncommon now to hear that someone's Regen Scrapper is starting to play
the way they felt it used to. Issue 10, while fun content, didn't really
justify being an "Issue" in the same way that others did. A zone got a revamp
and...well, that's it really. Plus I'm still bitter that I can't use Rikti
Magus bodies for Dark Extraction and Unchain Essence - it's pretty crippling.

What advice do you have for any new players to the game?

Don't ask me anything. I'll either give you entirely the wrong
information or just bite your head off. Besides that, experiment. Don't think
that just because your friend plays a Tank that you want one too. You have 132
character slots to find something you like.

Any closing comments?

Don't listen to Budokai. Seriously. No really. I'm not joking.
Just don't.


Champion Server

do you live?

Fort Hood, TX.

Most interesting place you have visited?

I would have to say Iraq because it was a culture shock and very,
very hot, hehe.

Your top three songs of all time?

“He Lives in You” by Tina Turner

“If You Ask Me To” by Patty LaBelle

“Still in Love” by New Edition

What five TV shows you could not live without?

Dragon Ball GT, Transformers, G.I Joe, Smurfs, Grandizer

Best book you last read?

Men’s Health.

What is your favorite pop culture quote?

I don't really have one.

What other hobbies do you have?

Work out, run track and field, listen to music, poetry, cooking,
spending money, making friends, helping people

Who is your real life hero?

God. Besides him, I'd have to say my high school teachers and
drill sergeants.


lol pants are for people who like wearing them.

What is your home server and why did you end up picking it as your
home server?

My server is Champion. I really don't know why I picked it; just
did and I met some really nice people that, although I don't know them in real
life, are like family.

How did you get drawn to this game?

I would have to say the creating characters part. Sometimes I'd
sit up really late just thinking of a new look for King Amehotep.

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

Teaming with heroes. It’s fun and I enjoy it.

Who is your namesake character and what are they?

I changed the “u” to an “e“ in Amenhotep but, the actual name
AMUNHOTEP was from the Eighteenth Dynasty in Egypt. He was the first king in
the Eighteenth Dynasty, which four more succeeded him.

Which type of character would you say is your favorite to play and

I would have to say a brute its an interesting archetype and pretty simple for
new people to get the hang of starting out on the villain side.

How do you normally handle new challenges in the game?

Well, I'll try one tactic and if that doesn't work, I'll try
another, but I never quit.

What zone is your favorite?

I'd have to say Mercy for lag reasons, but I like Sirens Call and
St. Martial.

What is your favorite storyline in the game?

I like the Patron storyline a little bit.

It has been a busy year for the game so far. Do you feel that I9
and I10 really added anything to the game and why?

I9 wasn't really needed IMHO, but I like how I10 kicked off. It
was fast and furious. Like I said before, being able to team with heroes is
what really caught my eye, and the way the devs implemented it was superb IMHO.

What advice do you have for any new players to the game?

For new people? Hmm, well, it's ok to ask questions as long as
it’s not those questions where it’s who what when where and why why why. Also,
read the book that came with game. I'd most rather team with someone who's
actually trying to learn how to play.

Any closing comments?

This is my first actual MMORPG. I like it and hope to be around
for a long while. I have met some really great people that I do care and worry
about as if I know them in real life. Even though I play a villain, I’m just a
big teddy bear who makes time for others.


Champion Server

do you live?

My home is Hawaii, but I travel quite a bit.

Do you have any pets?

I have a best friend, a Siamese cat named Meow Yen after the
green-eyed girl in “Big Trouble In Little China.” I have a Great Dane puppy
named Shadow after a good in-game friend, Shadow Wraith, and I sort of co-own a
cat named Lil Mama Stimpers ("Stimpers") after two other players, Stimpack and
Lil Mama, who are great people.

Most interesting place you have visited?

I went to Prague once, which sounds very interesting and it was in
its own way, but honestly I found Washington DC fascinating. I’m a very
passionate person just being in the city makes you want to do SOMETHING

Your top three songs of all time

Well if you listen to my show on w00t radio you can most likely
guess them.

“Hey Pretty” by Poe

“Closer” by NIN

“Leave Your Hat On” by Joe Cocker

I also have a "happy" song which annoys almost everyone else, but
makes me smile.

What 5 TV shows could not live without?

Up until recently, I have been able to dodge the reality show
ball, but “Who Wants to Be a Superhero” got me. Now I have like three I watch.
I'm really ashamed to admit it. Scott Baio is 45 and single. Rock Of Love with
Bret Michaels. I like them because these guys are pretty old and really kind of
sad. Makes me feel better about my life when I feel like I should have
accomplished more.

“Heroes” is a MUST

“Charmed” (I know, I know, and now I’m reduced to reruns.)

“Law and Order”

“Army Wives” (Ya, I surprised myself with that one.)

I like a show called “Torchwood,” which is a spin off of “Dr.
Who,” which I don’t like at all.

Best book you last read?

“Animals in Translation” (not finished)

“Becoming a Pack Leader” by Cesar Milan (not finished)

“M is for Magic” by Neil Gaiman (almost done)

All rate equally.

What is your favorite pop culture quote?

All time: “If you don't claim your humanity, you will become a

Most recent: "Your lips can finish what your fingers started."

What other hobbies do you have?

I DJ on w00t radio. I love working with animals. I recently
started to try and write poetry again, something I haven’t done for a long
time. I’m actually working on finding new hobbies for myself. I love being
outdoors and most sports. Anything active, but I was diagnosed with Lupus
earlier in the year, so I’m having to make some compromises.

Who is your real life hero?

Military, firemen, police officers, EMTs.

Keala Kennelly

On a more personal note: Rob, Tom and Ron.


Only okay if you’re commando or wearing a thong.

What is your home server, and why did you end up picking it as your
home server?

Champion. I liked the name.

How did you get drawn to this game?

I hurt my leg surfing, and a good friend of mine knew I wouldn’t
be able to keep off my leg for weeks or months. He had been trying to get me
into PC games with no luck at all. I would glance over his shoulder and my eyes
would glaze over. He had me try this game, and I was instantly hooked.

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

I love that the superhero genre transcends so many demographics,
so all ages, races, and sexes can find something in the game that they like.
Families can actually play together. It can be a real bonding tool.

Who is your namesake character, and what are they?

Anvil's Angel. She is a Natural Emp/Psi Defender.

Which type of character would you say is your favorite to play and

My main is still my favorite, although I have collected quite the
arsenal over the years. Hmmmm. Why? To be honest, she is the only one I really
take REAL pride in being good at. Somehow, I have put more of myself into her,
I guess.

How do you normally handle new challenges in the game?

Challenges...Head On! Let’s do this! Changes...Kicking and
screaming usually.

What zone is your favorite?

Recluse's Victory

What is your favorite storyline in the game?

Ewww. I have to be honest, I was never much of a storyline girl.
When I hear about them, I’m always interested to a point, but I don’t get that
wrapped up in the story aspect of the game. It’s cool that some do. I just like
to log on and play. I have been around since just about the start, and if I
start to get a little burnt out, I will go back and read some of the
storylines. Fortunately, I don’t get bored or burnt out easily.

It has been a busy year for the game so far. Do you feel that I9
and I10 really added anything to the game and why?

I have been busy in my personal life as well, so I am enjoying
getting caught up on all the changes. What I like about the changes is that the
solo players really have more to do. The game has always encouraged teaming
from what I can tell. The scales have been tipped a bit in the other direction
now. Hopefully we will be seeing some balance restored. Being an emp with no
attacks, I’m a BIG fan of teaming.

What advice do you have for any new players to the game?

Do NOT be pressured into joining a Supergroup, especially those
with prestige-making quotas.

While not everyone, including myself, is an RPer, it really makes
the game something special when you bring a heroic mindset to it.

Treat people with respect and patience, and ignore those who don’t

Any closing comments?

Yes. As a personal crusade, I would like to invite every SG out
there to try a base raid--either on your home server with a group you know to
be friendly, or on test server with our group. When done with patient, friendly
people, it can be one of the most fun aspects of this game. I think it gets
overlooked a lot as something just for PVPers or too buggy to be fun. Neither
is the case. Please PM me at anytime if you would like to try but are hesitant
for any reason. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Virtue Server

Where do you live?

I live in San Luis Obispo, California. I'm studying at Cal Poly.

Do you have any pets?

No, they're not allowed in my townhouse, unfortunately. But I wish
I could have a dog!

Most interesting place you have visited.

Tough call. I really love D.C., but I'm gonna have to say the
Hearst Castle in San Simion. Walking on gold just leaves you with a last

Your top three songs of all time

In no particular order:

“Joy to The World” - Three Dog Night (hey, Its my own personal theme song!)

“Hey There Delilah” - Plain White Tees (cause I can't get it out of my head,
and its been over a month now)

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” - Green Day

What 5 TV shows could not live without?

“Avatar: The Last Airbender“



“Kyle XY”

“Justice League: Unlimited”

Best book you last read?

“Mechanical and Electrical Systems for Construction Managers”...
Oh! You mean for fun! That would the “Feast For Crows,” by George R R Martin.

What is your favorite pop culture quote?

“Save the cheerleader. Save the world.”

What other hobbies do you have?

Well, I keep pretty busy between work and school to have much in
the way of hobbies. It even tries to interfere with CoH playtime, the nerve!
But when I'm not online in CoH or chatting with friends, I'm usually working on
my writing. I love to write, and I've been working on a project for a few years
now. I created my own unique, original world, and I'm going to unleash it upon
my friends. I've been working with this particular group of writers for about
eleven years now. It's basically a play-by-post RP setting. Other than that, I
love long walks down the beach at sunset, candle light dinners, and movies.

Who is your real life hero?

I'm a guy who can appreciate clichés, so I'd love to answer "my
parents" or "Jesus" or something, but that wouldn't entirely be the truth.
While they're great role-models, I don't think any one person can hold the
title of My Hero. *swoons* The honest answer would be all of my close friends.
You know who you are. The people who have been there for me, through good and
bad, and when I need it, they always have that comforting word of advice, or
the much needed swift kick to the hindquarters. So I have lots of heroes, and I
wouldn't trade a single one of them.


Work forces me to wear them. But some day I shall be free of them,
once and for all!

is your home server and why did you end up picking it as your home server?

Virtue... There are other servers?

Actually, when I first started playing the game (after beta) I
looked at the list of servers and wanted to pick a low population server that
wouldn't have a lot of "l33t kiddies." Basically, I tried to avoid servers
whose names evoked an active emotion, like: Justice! Protector! Etc, and I've
always been a Paladin at heart, so Virtue called to me. Little did I know it
was going to be the RP server, and the rest, as they say, is history.

How did you get drawn to this game?

Actually, I tried it out because I got invited to the Lineage 2
beta, but they had a problem with using ports that were blocked by college
internet providers. So I decided to try this other game NCSoft had called City
of Heroes. It looked interesting, and they had yet to make a worthwhile
superhero game. Been here since.

What is your favorite aspect of the game?

The people. Come for the shiny powers and customization, stay for
the people. I RP on Virtue, and in my three and something years, I've met a lot
of really awesome people. Both digitally, and in person. People who I've
traveled across the country to meet, and others who have (literally) traveled
from the other side of the world to come here. Some of these people I've gotten
to know so well, and for so long, that I would consider them family.

Who is your namesake character and what are they?

Capt. Starfall is an Invul/SS tanker. But he's got a bit of a
twist. I took no toggle powers with him (other than fly, SS, and FA). So, no
Temp Invul, no Unyielding, no Invincibility, no Combat Jumping or Acrobatics or
anything that uses endurance during a fight. Not only that, but every attack of
his is six slotted. People look at me in PvP (I got my Rep to 400 the old
fashioned way) and ask how I can survive without -any- status protection, but
you know what? I would never play it any other way, and I tend to win more than
I lose.

So never believe you only have to play FOTM toons! Concept FTW!

Which type of character would you say is your favorite to play and

Tankers. I just can't play anything else. I love to be able to
take anything and keep on going.

How do you normally handle new challenges in the game?

I'm the kind of guy that leans to make the system work for him. A
lot of people try to figure out ways to make their character just like they
were before something changed, but I like to learn how the new system works,
and then take advantage of it. It's how Capt Starfall works so well. Otherwise,
I just beat my head against the problem until I understand what it is, and then
come up with a new tactic to overcome it.

What zone is your favorite?

Hmm... tough one. I'm gonna have to saaaay... I really love the
new Faultline, though I wish they'd do more with Dark Astoria!

What is your favorite Storyline in the game?

Probably the first one that really hooked me. I think it was
the... Captain Indominable arc? Where you find out about him and his fight
against the Sky Raiders. It really hooked me. But I still remember my first
fight against Dr. Vahz, and that was epic! 45 minute fight!

It has been a busy year for the game so far. Do you feel that I9
and I10 really added anything to the game and why?

I've loved both issues. I'm glad we're moving back to smaller,
faster issues like it was in the beginning. And I'm glad Positron is into
moving the story along.

What advice do you have for any new players to the game?

Don't be afraid to meet people. I know a lot of people play solo
their whole career, and its your fifteen bucks, but you're missing out on one
of the greatest player bases in any MMO ever.

Oh, and forget those other servers. Play on virtue.

Any closing comments?

Just a shout out to my friends in the Peacekeeper Initiative.
Virtue's first true RPvP SG. They're an awesome bunch, and it's only the
beginning of our journey!

Community Relations Manager

If you have a specific in game, account, tech or billing problem please contact our Customer Support team via The Knowledge Base "Ask A Question" page.




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You're invited!

Who: The Pack Wolves (a new “up and coming” super
group on the Protector Server)

What : Player Meet and Greet, Dance Party, Costume Contest and
Arena Matches

When : Saturday, 08/18/07, starting @ 6PM (pacific) (7
mountain, 8 central, 9 eastern)

Where : Pocket D, Protector Server, City of Heroes

Why : A chance to introduce ourselves (The Pack Wolves) to the
Protector Community and maybe snag a few new members while we are at it.

Greetings fellow Heroes, you are cordially invited to a player get together
this Saturday, August 18, 2007, in Pocket D (Protector Server). The festivities
will be starting at 6:00 PM pacific (7PM Mountain, 8PM Central, 9PM Eastern)
and will include Dancing, Socializing, several Costume Contests (with MILLIONS
in Influence to be awarded to the winners!!) and PvP Arena Matches at various
levels; and never fear, there will be punch and pie!! Your host for the evening
will be the new “up and coming” super group, The Pack Wolves and there will be
DJ’s from W00tRadio playing music for everyone’s enjoyment! This event came to
be because we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the
community and could not think of a better way than giving something back to the
people and game we enjoy so much! So, if you are able to attend we would love
to see you there. Come on down and show off your favorite costume and win some
influence, get your groove on with some great W00tRaido tunes, and join in on
some good natured Arena PvP action…and don’t forget the punch and pie! It’s
going to be a “howling” good time!

Selling: life-like mechanical Ravens useful for my tasks. Long
distance couriering, location, homing and rescue capable. Some units flight
capable, others glider-equipped, land rocket boosted or translocatable. Equiped
with a Virtue system. Contact @GFM for leasing and rental information.

Also seeking qualified mechaneers, effigiers, and assorted other helpers in
creation, production, and maintenance of the Iron Ravens.

NOW HIRING: Motivated vigilante types for immediate placement as
security, side kick, lackey, mentor and malificator. The Extemplary pays top
dollar, fax resume to 1-800-4-EXTEMP.

THE CITY SCOOP seeks staff writers to contribute articles,
columns, or HTML layout on a biweekly schedule. We want helpful, positive and
motivated people! Send a PM to

The Kheldian League is a supergroup on Triumph. It is only for
Warshades and Peacebringers. We have a friendly group of players and a nice
base. To join, please email
on the forums, or contact us in-game by emailing Beta Sword PB,
Enis, or Umbrastar.

The PvP Event Committee is looking for more experienced event
coordinators and planners to add to our current team. We are looking for
PvPer's with a general knowledge of tourney formats and PvP tactics. We are
looking for players with evening and weekend availability who are dedicated to
improving the PvP community on not just their server, but the whole of CoX. We
need dependable, hard-working members who will put in extra time when needed to
teach, promote, or host events game-wide. If we just described you, please
visit our website at
, click "Join the PvPEC", and fill out our
short membership application to become a part of the driving force in PvP

Smiling Lemur's Kora Fruit Smoothie Stand is open for the Summer!
Fresh Kora Fruit shipped in daily. Come down and relax with some cool
refreshment that's out of this world! Located on Spanky's Boardwalk, Talos

What's small friendly and gets the job done? Classifieds in The
City Scoop. Sell, find or buy anything. Send a PM to


Sun is in Leo/Scrapper, Moon is in Libra/Peacebringer

Julian Day 2454330.33


– Neptune conjunct Moon increases your sensitivity to others yet tends to
delude you, perhaps encouraging you to misplace your affections. The romantic
dreamier side in you is in full blossom now.

– Mercury opposite Uranus quickens your mind and may induce flashes of
intuitive brilliance. Today is a day to plan for the future and look at the
"big picture". As you think on important issues, try to avoid being insensitive
to others.

– The Sun is transiting the First House. This means power and energy is high
today. Today is –the- day where everything seems to fall into place for you.

– With the Moon transitioning your First House, your moods ebb and flow like
the tides. Try to stay objective when your feelings flare.

- Mars conjunct Saturn is a transit which makes this a day one which will try
your patience. Little things like traffic jams and friends idiosyncrasies get
on your nerves. A little physical activity can ameliorate the situation, but
avoid anything dangerous.

– Sun opposite Uranus is a transit of surprises. Forewarned is fore-armed.

– Neptune transiting the First House tunes your thoughts to the mystical. Don’t
meditate so hard that you miss something important.


– Sun opposite Uranus is a transit of surprises in all relationships. If you
are romantically involved then it is likely that either you or your partner
will feel restless with the relationship. You may get into an argument with

– Jupiter transiting the Fourth House marks a time when you enjoy good
relations with family members and the financial position may improve because of
your association with a relative. This may also be a time of inheritance.
However, you may experience a loss of financial stature because of a relative,
especially if you are supporting them monetarily.

– Jupiter transitions your First House and conjuncts the Sun for you.
Confidence, luck, the stars are smiling on you. It won’t last forever though.
Don’t take on more than you should.

– Mars conjunct Venus drives your creative spirit, making you very passionate
and expressive. This transit also stimulates your sex drive, making you
desirous of physical intimacy with the opposite sex.

– Pluto transiting the First House is a transit where your moods may fluctuate
as much as the weather. This is not a good time to make any concrete decisions
about a relationship or business deal. Rather, it's best to spend time alone
and find out deep down what is really bothering you.

~Handwritten page found laying atop the Horoscope submission~

Hello again my dears. It’s touch up time again. I know, you’re all
on pins and needles waiting. Despite my wanting to keep you in suspense, I
suppose it’s time to regale you with your future possibilities.


– Sun yada yada… romance yada yada… argument… big surprise there. If you’re
serious about the romance blossoming, use your mind a little. Ensure any
partnership can serve your ultimate goals as well as any wanton desire.

– Jupiter transiting the Fourth House marks a time when you enjoy good
relations with family members… Do you have any family members left that you
haven’t turned into henchmen?

– Confidence, luck, the stars are smiling on you. It won’t last forever though…
but it should last long enough to get some revenge or position yourself that
much closer to your ultimate goal.

– Mars conjunct Venus drives your creative spirit, making you very passionate…
A creatively passionate Dominator? Oh this could be interesting… Don’t dominate
your pet too much dear, you wouldn’t want the fun to end too soon.

– So she’s sending you off for some quiet, solitary contemplation… Are you
going to do that? Granted, there’s some truth to your moods being wild right
now, so why not ride the highs to your goals?


– Neptune conjunct Moon increases your sensitivity to others yet tends to
delude you… Well my dear, deluded heroes tend to be distracted. Pity that your
enemies know that now too.

– Mercury opposite Uranus quickens your mind and may induce flashes of
intuitive brilliance. Today is a day to plan for the future and look at the
"big picture". Ah yes, the big picture. Pay attention to it too close and lose
sight of what’s right next to you.

– The Sun is transiting the First House. This means power and energy is high
today. Today is –the- day where everything seems to fall into place for you.
What can I add to this? You could probably solo Warburg with your eyes closed.
Good luck with that.

– With the Moon transitioning your First House, your moods ebb and flow like
the tides. Try to stay objective when your feelings flare. Blah blah blah… Go
surfing or something.

– Mars conjunct Saturn is a transit which makes this a day one which will try
your patience. Little things like traffic jams and friends idiosyncrasies get
on your nerves. A little physical activity can ameliorate… Wait, what? Who
speaks like that? I think Little Miss Hero is telling you to go fly a kite or
jump off a bridge. Have fun sweetness..

– Sun opposite Uranus is a transit of surprises. Forewarned is fore-armed.
Aren’t you just a tad upset with her for ruining your surprise birthday party?

– Neptune transiting the First House tunes your thoughts to the mystical. Is
that your Dark nature calling you? I do hope you’ll listen.

~Love and Kisses


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