How do YOU colour your heroes/villains?

Aliana Blue



And I'm talking in-game here folks!

Since this has come up around here (probably not for the first time), I thought of doing a small thread where, instead of throwing pot shots at each other about taste (or lack of thereof) when doing costumes, we could come and tell some tips and tricks about how to spice up the two colour "copy current colours across entire body" theme.

So! Tips and tricks! Here're my suggestions, add or correct at will!

1. Gloves, belt, boots, shoulders, cape. These are excellent places where one can throw in a third colour with little danger. Use the basic 2-colour uniform, then throw in a third on some or all of these pieces. Whammo! Instant contrast at little cost!

2. Gloves + Cape. If you do have a cape, using only the gloves and cape to introduce the extra colour can indeed work too. Capes are excellent for added contrast in general, but one can add the extra flash at the gloves too for great effect, since through the "hands" is where many of the powers in the game shoot out.

3. The Top-Bottom approach. By adding a third colour to the top parts (say, shoulders and gloves), blend it in with the chest piece, and use a different "third" colour for the boots, or using a pattern with three different colours having one in common between top and bottom. Example: Have a top with a yellow/red pattern on top (chest pattern and use the appropiate one that follows the pattern on the gloves), then have red/blue for the bottom (pants pattern and a boot colour that follows that pattern).

Now I shall inject a lame attempt at humor! Or, "what happens when you think you're following rules but go too far!"

Let's say you want to create a Villain. You go to the creator, and decide the AT:

So, our Villainess will be a tech based melee smacker! Let's give her a costume to match!

First, here is what we see once we've selected powers and all:

Not good enough! Let's choose carefully a face:

Then play a bit with the sliders to give her a more "touch me and die, or just die anyway!" look and attitude.

Better! But we need more! So, let's give her a mask, a wilder looking hair, and some accessory. You can never have too many accessories!

You can barely see the mask due to the overall colour, but it's there. We'll fix it in no time! Since we have taken some time to give her a look that we consider appropriate, we won't give her an accessory or a mask that will cover it up too much.

Now, for the costume! We want some tech parts of course, but we also want the parts to mach the AT, she's a brute, so she carges in and melees the enemies, clobbering time style! So let's throw in some melee-y looking shoulders, some tough gloves and a chest look that looks armorish enough:

We have an ExoProto chest piece, Gladiator shoulders and Large Robotic Tech gloves. Snazzy! Throw in some chest detail too, what the heck!

Now we need some extra details. One good way to inject contrast to the character is to have the chest and pants part be in contrast with one another. Have the chest in tights or tights with skin and some baggy/armored pants, or like I'm going to do here, have the chest to be some sort of flak vest/whatever and pants in tights!

So I've thrown in a V belt and some large, tech looking boots to go with the gloves and to contrast with the relatively naked legs.

Remember, contrast!

You can also see that our Villainess is rather thin, since it's the tech what gives her her powers!

Now the fun begins, let's start colouring! The first thing to do, unlink the colours! "Copy Current Colors Across Entire Body" is what we're fighting here!

First, let's give her some outrageous 5th-element leeloo neon orange hair, let's make the mask a dark earthy red/brown and the headband cobalt metallic blue, like this:

Awesome! Let's keep up with this. Now the chest part, probably the most important one because there's an "underlaying" design we have to try and frame with when colouring. I choose some flashy snappy colours of course, say the cobalt blue of our headband and some purple.

For the pattern, I choose a blend that colours mostly the "belly" part of the armor. You can't see the splash of purple on the back, but it fits ok-ish.. not as well as the front but ok. Good enough!

Now we finish the top! Let's give the shoulders a light grey metallic look so that they look like real heavy duty metal, with, say, a gold trimming. For the gloves I choose a bronze finishing look, and how unfortunate that these gloves only take one colour! Oh well. I finish with a yellow/black combo for the chest detail, since the chest detail is a logo for our super-powered entity, we can make it stand out! Here's the work in progress:

Excellent, huh? Now, I make the belt the same bronze-metallic finished look of the gloves, and use the top-bottom technique to add an extra colour to the pants. I throw in some blood-red that will combine well with the purple of the pants, and make another two-side blend:

And to finish it off, I make the boots the same bronze-finish of the gloves, and throw in a Sharp pattern with the blood-red of the lower pants!

And since I pay attention to every detail, I decide to give her a bit of extra body mass so that she looks perfect. Taa-daa!

Tech dragonfly is born! And she is, um, flashy!

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