Final Top Cow Comic #20




Issue 20 of the Top Cow City of Heroes comic is now available for download as a PDF from our web site. Issue 20, “Passing the Torch,” is the final issue in the Top Cow run.

Check out the issue 20 PDF here.

Don't forget to check out the “Paragon Tattler” Community Section with the stories:

The Rescue, by Ascendant

A Star is Born, by Kameron M. Franklin

And art:

Avatar of Ra by Corvus
MarDun by Richard Vang
Bayani vs. Capt. Mako by Brandon McKinney
WyteFire by Manuel “Poison” Clavel
Guruverse by Manuel “Poison” Clavel and Veikira
AnglerFish Chibi on Victory by Liz Chesterman
Reiraku of the Dark Dominion by Sorah Suhng
Vanguard League by Douglas Shuler

A big thanks to all the players of City of Heroes and City of Villains who have contributed and bring the City alive!

Discuss #20 here.

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