I would like to know




You should probably look through the forum and find some of the free art threads and add to it. There's a lot of etiquette involved when it comes to art, and I'm way too tired to elaborate. I'm sure someone else will get my back



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Most of the art that happens here is either of the "I want to try out a new idea" or "Let's trade art" or "I paid someone for this".
Since you appear to be as broke as I am, I'd recommend getting a nice set of screenshots linked from your signature and stalking the Free Art threads that pop up now and then. You have to willing to allow your character to appear in really silly or totally insane ways for this work. My "stuff" tag is a link to my DA page with some of my many alts there.

Also, take a look at some of the commission prices people have on their Deviant Art (or other) pages. You might not be able to afford a super-sized Graver with extra Shuler on the side right now, but there are several other artists you could start with. And then save your pennies like a mad thing because you can't get just one

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