Follow Up On Auction Issue From August 2nd




We wanted to follow up on the Auction Server Issue from Thursday, August 2nd. A result of the problem on the 2nd was the loss of some items and influence/infamy. To correct this we have a reimbursement strategy that is currently being tested. We are planning to make the automated reimbursements during the early hours of Thursday, August 9th.

IMPORTANT! Please keep in mind is that there is a limitation on Inspirations and Enhancements on player characters. If you lost a number of these, it would be best if you keep your Enhancement and/or Inspiration slots empty so that the server can place your missing ones back. Unfortunately, there are upper limits for these (such as 10 max Enhancements) that the server will have to work within in any item restoration. If your enhancement tray is full, the server would not be able to give you any lost ones back during the maintenance period. Salvage and recipes function differently and are able to “overflow.”

Our apologies for anyone affected by this issue.

Community Relations Manager

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