Valta's Bio




Uljas Räikkönen was born on July 1, 1988 in Lahti, Finland and he grew up in a poor but large family. Both of his parent were very abusive and beat him regularly because he tried going down into the basement of his house where he was told to never go when he was 6 years old, when his dad, Jyrki, saw him going into the basement he quickly grabbed him and said "What the hell do you think your doing you little [censored]?!?!". After that he dragged Uljas to a dark closet with no lights and locked him inside for over a week with no food and only able to stay alive by drinking the small amount of water that leaked out of a pipe behind the wall. During his confinement Uljas discovered his ability to summon and control electricity, he thought that if his dad knew about this he would hit him even more than he does now so he never used his power once he got out. About 7 years later Uljas' family was able to move out of Finland to Paragon City because his dad got a well paying job there. Even though they were no longer poor the abuse was still happening but now it was also happening at school too, the other kids at school always yelled at him calling him names and for what? What did he do to them to deserve such cruelty? Soon the name calling turned into being jumped during and after school. Slowly Uljas became angrier and angrier until he barely spoke to any one. But there was always one person that was nice to him and kept him going, a girl by the name of Sadie. One day at school when Uljas was 16 he heard that Sadie was räped and killed at a party by a guy named cody holt, one of the guys that bullied him at school, Uljas felt like he had died on the inside when he heard what happened. Immediately he left the class and hunted cody down because he had not yet been arrested due to there was no evidence. Uljas found him outside of the school with 2 of his friends and for the first time since he was six years old he used his powers, first he grabbed one of his friends by the face and shocked him until his brain was destroyed then did the same to his other friend. Once Uljas was done with Cody's friends he walked towards Cody and gouged out his eyes with his thumbs, then began shocking him over and over. The torture went on for around 11 minutes until a faculty member found him
before he could be caught Uljas killed Cody and ran home. After
Uljas killed Cody he snapped and woke up in the middle of the night, walked into his parents room shocked his mom and dad to death, then he walked into each of his siblings' rooms and did the same to them. Uljas decided now that they were all dead he would go see what his father was hiding in the basement that his father seemed to have brought with him even when they moved
to Paragon. Uljas walked into the basement and found nothing but when he looked behind the staircase he found another set of stair leading to a sub basement where he found a study that had news clippings about two heroes that fell in love and became villains named Valtus and Vallita, Valtus being known for his control of electricity and Vallita famous for her ability to make force fields. Uljas read every clip until he found one saying "Valtus and Vallita hang up their capes!" the article contained both of their secret identities Valtus was named Jyrki Räikkönen, his father whom he just murdered and Vallita was Anita Mäenpää his mother. As Uljas searched the room he discovered a suit of black and red chitin armor missing its cape inside a glass case next to another glass case that was empty and read Vallita on the bottom. Minutes after he discovered these cases he ran from the house and was rarely every seen until half a year later when he could no longer deal with the fact that Sadie was gone forever, he was found in the morgue her body was at injecting her blood into his veins thinking that if her blood was inside him she would be with him forever and he could see her once more atleast. Uljas was arrested soon after being discovered and he was sent to the Ziggurat where he remained until July 31, 2007 when he escaped amidst the chaos and flames of the breakout. That same night he went to his home to see that it had windows broken and was covered in graffiti, also what appeared to be what was his rooms roof smashed in. As he went into the sub basement he heard a voice say "Oh i see the "murderer" is
back, come down my son...". Uljas continued down the stair's to find his father, his younger brother Jussi, and his older sister Kaari alive and well, that is except for his father who's upper left face was burnt. Uljas' father explained that Jussi and Kaari survived because his mother barely clinged to life after he shocked her and used her powers to try and at least protect them, He then explained that Jussi and Kaari also had abilities but Jussi could control fire and Kaari could turn invisible. After Uljas learned all of this he made a bright flash of electricity and took the armor. After escaping he visited Sadie's grave then went to the rogue isles with arachnos where he stays trying to find a way to bring the only thing he ever loved back to life and after his father, became known as Valta.

Notes: i haven't thought of what happened to Valta's father and siblings.

well thats all i could write for now.

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