Doctor Steve-O Plastic Surgeon To The Heroes




(Your sittin around watching television when that annoying infomercial about the super powered Plastic Surgeon comes on but instead of abruptly changing the channel you watch it for a bit,
A younger looking man comes on in a pink suit with a white under shirt pink tie and a black duster like hat)

Hi im Doctor Steve-O plastic surgeon to the Heroes the one and only super powered plastic surgeon in the area. Are you a hero that has been massively disfigured by a villian with fire manipulation powers or are you a villian that was hit in the face by a stray energy blast or were you just born Attractively Impaired, well i can help you with all those problems and more. Imagine this your a young female and your significant other wants you to get a breast augmentation surgery. Well if you go to any of those other surgeons youll be in pain for weeks and wont be able to enjoy your newly endowed mammories. If you call me when the surgery is done you will only be out of commison for a few hours as opposed to a few weeks. With my amazing healing power i can give you the opportunity to walk out of my office and test them out over at pocket D that very night. Just listen to these truthful facial reconstruction surgery patients of mine.

"After I got hit by in the face by an energy blast from some hero calling himself the Doc or something like that, my face was horribly disfigured, but after I sued the city for excessive force in my arrest I used the money so that Doctor Steve-O could surgicly attach this cool mask to my face so that I look scarier. Thanks Doctor Steve-O." -Fallen Buckshot of the Hellions

"Uhg Doctor ......... Steve-O....... give..... me new.... nose.... mmmmmm........ nose." - Vahzilok Cadaver

You see all those happy costomers and you could be one too just call 1-800-iam-ugly thats 1-800-426-8459 and my highly qualified staff will help find out how we can improve you.
(Big breasted nurses answering phones)
Just remember if your attractivly impaired call me and I will make you one of the beautiful people.
Just call 1-800-iam-ugly thats 1-800-426-8459.

(captions appear: Doctor Steve-O Making Paragon City A More Beautiful Place To Live.
1-800- iam - ugly

Yeah Dude I Totally Rock!!!)

***Go ahead and post your thoughts, comments, or insults here or even your own testimonies. It could be that your hero used The Doc's service or even from the prospective of other villians or citizens.***