PEP-e's Bio (regarding the 5ths)




PEP-e is located on VIRTUE.


He woke up with no memory. "Independence Port", the only thing he knew. But it was just a backalley in Atlas Park he stood in.

Papers, boxes, metalgarbage, a shiny metal plate where he could see a picture of himself. He cried out loud, but his yell was more like a deep growl of a monster than human. Down from his midnose to his neck, a white skull smiled back from his reflection. Even his whole skin was complelty white.

He fetched some cloths, some kind of a scarf to hide his appearance and his eerie face.
His whole person is hiding now whenever he can: using the darkness as his ally.

From then on, he hid from the public eye, sneaking around in the shadows, always wearing a scarf to cover his distorted face.

One day, or better one night, he found out that he can hide better than he thought.

It was a take-out service where he tried to get something to eat. The man went into the house and PEP-e got closer to the car… But while he was trying to get some bags of food, the man surprisingly turned around. "Trapped!", he thought. The man came closer... just one step away. "Don't move", PEP-e thought. The man never saw him. He passed by, just inches away and noticed nothing.

Now he knew he had been given great powers. The Powers of Darkness.

From then on, PEP-e was something that Paragon City called a Hero. But actually, he was just trying to find answers to take out the men that had done this to him. He needed answers, he needed contacts, and he needed the might of all his powers.

Friends were never an option. They needed time, loving words, attention, nothing he has time for. Perhaps he was a bit afraid of not being accepted when he would show friends his real self, but he would never admit it.

A personal contact asked him to take care of a timetraveller, who has been stealing 5th Coloumn's artifacts. After severel attempts to catch him, a girl named Mims showed up. She was after the burgler too and they teamped up. PEP-e wanted this bad guy for getting more information, what happened in the past and what the mysterious PEP-syndiacte, he heard of from an unsecured source, has to do with his misshaped body. Together they followed Wolfgang Ubelmann to a Crey laboratory where he wanted to escape to the Past... back to "World War 2". In furious rage, PEP-e and Mims thought they had defeated him, but it turned out to be someone else. PEP-e trembled in anger knowing he had lost.
Some of the defeated Vampyrie tried to escape, but the police were already there and took them to the "Brickstown" jail.

Visiting some contacts in Atlas Park, PEP-e tried to find out more about the 5th's Vampyrie race. They had white skin, just like him. They even possessed similar dark powers… Sometimes even stronger.

Later PEP-e saw Ubelmann in another dimension called “Axis America”, but managed to escape… again!

After all, something remained.. Mims... a friend!



Weeks later, an urgent call for help reached PEP-e.

Rumors have spreaded that the 5th Coloumn doctors are trying to transform people into vampyries. A retreated 5h Coloumn officier has been caught by internal troops and the doctors wanted to turn him into these nightliving creatures. All his memories would have been wiped out and he would serve the 5th Coloumn as a willing slave.

It was a short rescue mission and PEP-e could talk to the former 5th coloumn officier.
Yes, everything was true. They could tranform people into vampryies. And they all posses similar powers like him.

But why the PEP-syndicate this just a fake company build by the 5hs themselves? Is it just a small department inside the big 5th Coloumn organisation? And why hasn't he been transformed into a complete "Vampyrie"?

PEP-e's mind haven't been cleared up. Insted there were new questions showing up:
Has he been a former 5th Coloumn? Was he a traitor, or just a doctor that knew too much?

He will get the answers for sure. Even because the 5th's seem to plan something... something big.