The official "Dude, where is my car??" thread!!




Post, in this thread, a screenshot of your hero's car, and a little story about it.
Can be any car, from a casual truck in a parking lot, from a half buried crashed car at the bottom of the Faultline Canyon.

Write a little story about how it's your car, and how it ended up there...

I'll start!

Super-Hero's car
Well, this is my little hatchback, that my hero used everyday to go work at the warehouse of Constellation Row, Galaxy City. When he obtained his super-powered suit and started fighting crime, he didn't know what to do about his day job and actually went to work for a few day.

After a hard day's work, he just super-jumped home, never to go back again. He mainly travels that way now, so the car has been parked well over 2 months. The meter is up, and many infraction bills have been tagged to it.

Suprisingly it hasen't been towed yet, probably due to the recent increased hellion activity about... One of the few areas that Super-Hero doesn't patrol.... /whistles innocently.



You got some bling rims there.