Not JUST another message from The Sly Fox...




You are watching your favorite TV program. At the commercial break, instead
of channel surfing, something gives you pause.

The screen goes black briefly, before a spinning logo appears in the center, easily recognizable from the colors and shape as belonging to First Strike Security. The logo
spins off screen and the blackness fades to a scene shot from slightly above.

A figure walks down a lonely street. As the figure comes into
focus, it appears to be a woman, walking through a dark alley, clutching her purse. Just then, three hoodlums jump around her laughing. She seems to not be frightened, however, as she calmly takes a small pager from her purse
and presses a button.

"Well, well, whatda we have here, Fellahs? Looks like a lil' lady in need of donating to our charity, eh?"

The woman smiles and says, "Oh boys, I'm sorry, but I have nothing to give, you three should run along home to your mommies now."

The lead punk smirks, and laughs evilly, "I love a woman with spirit."*

*It us unknown why villains always say this when confronting a damsel in distress. Perhaps there really IS a villain handbook in the underground paperback market.

As they being to move closer, the lead mugger suddenly screams in agony, clutching his head and sinking to his knees. Before his stunned compatriots can do anything, however, they are forced back roughly to crash into the
nearby wall by some unseen force.

"First Strike Security, you're all under arrest." Says a confident voice as an impressive man with blond hair, dark shades, and a blue uniform floats down from the night sky.

"Thank you, Mr. Chase," the women smiles, lowering her eyelashes at him. "Once again your service is has proven well worth it."

Roger 'Contact' Chase, CEO of First Strike Security, runs his hand through his hair and chuckles. "You know, Miss Madison, sometimes I wonder if you walk this way home just to get a chance to use our pager."

The woman smiles coyly, but just then the pager at Contact's belt goes off. He holds up a finger calmly, and checks the location. Then he turns to a comm. on his lapel and touches his ear.

"We have two clients requesting aid, one is Mr. Stewart in PI in front of his house. The other is a general PCPD bulletin for a Rikti attack in-"

A voice cuts into Contact's earpiece, "On it Boss, I've got them in Founders."

The scene cuts to a well-known hero, some that you have seen before. However, this time it appears he's actually in action. His red cape with white magic runes flaps in the breeze as flies in a downward direction to the street. His red duster almost files off, but somehow it magically remains in place, as he touches down in front of the office building, sighting a pack of Rikti exiting a portal, raising there weapons at the glass doors.

"Don't you aliens ever use the tram? We could track your movements so much better that way... plus you'd all need to buy a token, and that way-"

The Sly Fox is cut off by energy blast that knocks his hat off. For a second, neither hero nor aliens move, then Sly's hands glow with the blue-white aura of his illusionary magic.

"Do you have any idea how much that COST," Fox shouts as he calls an army of spectral warriors to attack the invaders. The aliens quickly begin to drop, and the TV blares with action sounds and fighting, and the Rikti begin falling as a Phantasm appears and blasts them and their portal into

Suddenly, however, the camera jolts a bit, and a voice, obviously the camera man says, "Uhhh... Sir...?"

The camera abruptly tumbles and lands on the ground, showing Fox's white boots.

"Liberty's sake, Paparazzi! Pick up that camera! I have the situation well in ha-" You see the camera picked up again, to move in on Fox's face, as he's staring at something that had been behind him.

The camera pans to what the mage is looking at: a swarm of Rularuu, entering from another portal. The Watchers have obviously already spotted the two FFS heroes. And their cries of destroy echo out across Fall's Venetian streets.

"Oh sh-," is all Fox can mutter before he and his camera-man are blown back by three watchers' eye blasts.

The scene cuts to Contact, who listens intently to his comm. "Someone provide backup to Paparazzi and Fox, please?"

"When am I not saving him?" mutters a woman's voice in Contact's ear, and the CEO has to smile.

With the scene cutting back to a shaky camera showing Fox blinding as many Rularuu as he can, and his Phantasm getting attacked and almost being destroyed, a beautiful women with gray skin and a red petal like outfit appears next to Fox in a flash of white light.

With an outstretched arm from her, Fox immediately glows and seems to be invigorated. The rakish hero smiles at her.

"Thanks, love." He says briefly, as he calls up a thunderstorm that begins to finally cause the Shard World beings some serious trouble.

Wild Rose sighs, "You just owe me... again."

Fox laughs and the two begin to go to work on the remaining threat. Rose pecks him on the cheek, and the voice of Paparazzi is heard behind the camera, "Oh sheesh, get a room."

The scene returns to a satisfied Contact, listening and smiling into his earpiece, and he then says into his comm., "And Tazina? You have Mr. Stewart?"

Once again we see a battle under way, this time a cowering man in a business suit is being set upon by a swarm of Nemesis soldiers.

"Nemesis needs that part you made, Dr.!" The Lieutenant shouts, as the squad surrounds the man... but suddenly he disappears in a flash. As the members of the 'marching band' army look around in confusion, a woman
wearing an outfit almost exactly like Sly Fox's drops down where the man had been in the center.

Grinning widely, she suddenly emits a blast of radiation that sends each and every 'clarinet' player to his knees, and eventually, the ground.

"Boom." Tazina says, and laughs, touching her ear as well, "I got it Rog. And tell my brother to be more careful."

The scene finally returns to Contact, listening to his comm. as you hear Fox's voice say, "Don't make me make you slap me, sis."

Contact smiles. And the lovely young woman he saved stares in awe at him. "You... manage quite a lot now." Is all she can say, enraptured.

The head of FSS can only smirk, placing his hands behind his back. "I surround myself with good people. First Strike Security must maintain its image, after all. The best of the best, Miss Madison."

The lady blushes and just lowers her lashes again.

"You need an escort home?" The CEO asks, arching an eyebrow.

Miss Madison merely shakes her head, and points out the alleyway. "I'm right there, thank you again, Mr. Chase."

Contact nods, "Just doing my job, Miss."

As he watches her walk out of the dark alley into the street light to her apartment door, the screen fades, and is replaced by Contact sitting in a well decorated office. Behind him stand quite a few heroes. Among them are the ones the viewer has already seen, and many many more.

"First Strike Security is committed to providing top-notch security to both private citizens, corporations, and the local Paragon City government. We have a flawless service record and a reputation of prompt and efficient service. Our commitment to excellence is a testament to our rigorous
training and high recruitment standards. We only accept the most dedicated heroes into our Operative Program,"
Contact states looking as at home in front of the camera as he does on the streets.

"As long as they're women!" The Sly Fox chirps up behind the right of Contact's chair. Of course, Contact doesn't need to turn around and hush him, he just smiles. Fox is soon coughing from an en elbow from both Wild
Rose and Tazina on either side of him.

Contact finally says, "We look forward to hearing from you."

The screen fades to black and these words appear on the screen:

First Strike Security. Corporate Security at Private Sector Prices. Now Hiring Operatives!

The commercial ends... followed by an advertisement for Fox Pops™, 'the cereal ladies can't resist.' You quickly turn the station before the horrible jingle reminding you of a bad 60's porn flick gets stuck in your head.

(( Contact in-game... well... Contact, Sly Fox, Wild Rose, Tazina, Protos, Mark Nine, Haunt, or Roughshod. Any FSS Board Member will be happy to give you information. Or, head to this link and submit an application: Applications

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