Task Force stories




So there I was, this was going to be my fourth attempt at rescuing the Terra Volta reactor. At this point my spirits were not high. In the three times I had done it, twice the reactor had gone critical and I barely escaped, the cleanup was not pretty. The other time the group abandoned the reactor to the Sky Raiders. This time I was determined. I teamed up with another member of The Midnight League, a woman named Gamma Nurse with radioactive healing powers. Later, Jolly Roger, a cybernetic swashbuckler and a dark mysterious woman named Charra X who fired powerful energy rays joined us. Our skills complimented well, and we decided we were prepared. We broke into the reactor, saved some guards and scientists, and we were ready to enter a hallway which was to become known as the Hellway. Advancing carefully and swiftly we disarmed bombs, sometimes cleverly taking out huge enemy forces with the blast, and defeated most of our foes before… “What was that green light?” Jolly Roger asked. I had never seen that green light before, and was about to respond when… Sirens began to wail, we had failed. The reactor blew; we hadn’t made it in time.

After the cleanup, we tried again against another Sky Raider attack. This time we pressed harder. We caught bigger groups in the bomb blasts, and finally made it to the reactor’s main entrance. I collected the Adamant badge for all my scars, and yet I pressed on. We collected our temporary shielding so we could approach the reactor, and then collected coolant belts to “heal” the reactor. I had been here before, and I knew what was to come. The first wave of Sky Raiders arrived. They pounded the reactor and us with missiles, flamethrowers, rifles and grenades, several times we nearly all fell, several of us did fall, but Gamma Nurse was always there to heal our wounds. Then the second wave arrived as we were mopping up the first, then the third, and the fourth. The fourth wave was double in size. This is where I had fallen the last two times, and I clenched my teeth and fought on. We had just about bashed the Sky Raiders back to what appeared to be a manageable group when “There they are! Attack!” The fifth and largest wave hit us. My spirits sank. We poured coolant onto the reactor and fought on. Finally, after nearly impossible odds, and about a half hour of frenzied battle, we defeat the last missile skiff. The reactor was saved.

And that’s how I received the Stalwart Medallion.