Terapulse: An Introduction




((Out Of Character: This is a pretty basic origin story, and I know the "bully mutation" concept isn't exactly new, but it fits him. Mostly it's just getting a bit of description out there on Terapulse, an electric based blaster on the Virtue server. Opinions (constructive, please) and suggestions will be happily received and appreciated. If you want to meet, RP, or do missions or hunting, feel free to send me a Tell. Hope everyone likes it.))

Terapulse - Virtue
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I was in the library between classes, writing a roleplay game for some friends, when my life changed. In case you’re curious, the game was Aberrant. That’s right. We had all remained attached to our childhood superhero fantasies and we still played them out, though we used dice and paper instead of running around with towels tied about our necks. Some would say the difference is negligible. Members of the football team, for example. Four of them had sat themselves around me, their bulk casting a shadow on the paper I had spread out. “What’s this?” one of them drawled. I reached out for the paper, but it was snatched away. I sighed. “We’re in college now. Can we please end these stupid games?”
“I like stupid games,” one of them rumbled, taking the sheet from his teammate. “Heh…looks like you do too.” I shook my head and began packing my things. I reached for the kidnapped sheet but again, it was pulled away. I sighed a second time, “Fine. Keep it.” I packed everything else and stood, walking away. My pace was quick, as it had always been. This wasn’t the first time I had dealt with people like this and I knew that as long as I kept moving without actually making it look like I was running, I would be all right. It usually worked. I walked out of the library and was three meters away when I heard, “Hey, you forgot something.” I glanced back. I winced slightly at myself, kicking myself for the mistake, but it was too late. “Hey, want your paper back?” I knew that wheedling tone. I quickened my pace a bit, but it wasn’t enough. A beefy hand took hold of my shirt and twisted me halfway around. “Make him eat it, man.” I struggled ineffectually, knowing that, as in past situations, it would only make them angrier. Maybe I wanted them angry. Maybe I wanted to hurt them. No. No maybe. I did want to hurt them. I’d had enough. I had dealt with situations like this since second grade. “Hold still, twerp!” I was shoved back and found myself crashing into a stepladder, the back of my head smacking solidly into the top step. There was a scream and I saw a man wearing a janitor’s uniform fall towards me. I realized only too late that the man was dragging bare wires with him and convulsing even as he fell. I tried to move, but I knew it was far too late. The heavy cables struck me, pouring all of their energy into me, through me. I could feel it, every nerve twitching, forcing my body into spasms as severe as the janitor’s had been.
I don’t really know how long I was under the wires before the electricity began to become visible, crackling in sharp blue and white lines across every metal surface within twenty feet, but the pain had suddenly stopped. I rolled myself away from the mess and, turning, saw that the electric flow was still coursing around me, being pulled out of the wire. It’s casing was smoking and looked ready to catch fire. Half a moment later, the building’s lights went out and the air conditioning could be heard as the noisy fans slowed. I, like the building, blacked out.

A few days later, I found out that the janitor had died. I don’t know if I had done that or if he was dead by the time he landed on me, but I knew that I couldn’t allow myself to focus on it. Even if I do feel responsible. The four football players went to the state championships, after having been cleared of any wrongdoing. The whole thing was declared an “accident”. I tried to stay at school, but in truth I had begun to lose interest in the whole business, and people still talked about what happened. Some suggested that I had done it intentionally, that I knew what would happen. It was enough to make me leave the college. I went to Paragon City, sure that I would find someone there like me. It was Hero City, after all. The glorious reality of all those comics and action figures. In truth, I’m finding the reality is not at all what those comics presented. I’m not quite sure I want to live those fantasies any more. Because that’s all they are. Fantasies.



((Unoriginal or not, it's still really well written. My favorite line: "I, like the building, blacked out." Anyways, I didn't find your bully story very cliche' at all. Would've liked to see a little more about the football players, if they were hurt or not, and maybe a bit on how they were cleared other than the obvious "They play football" (all too true). What about the friends you left behind? Just trying to be a little constructive and see if I can spark some ideas for you. Good luck!))

Nice meeting you, Terapulse!