Full Time Medic: The begining




Mrs. Jones was working on a Project in her laboratory on a experiment with some vaccinations to solve cancer. Her current position was in Independence Port which was currently being swarmed with Freakshow. She found herself near a breakthrough when a band of freakshow and Fifth Column broke through her door.

"Freakshow and Fifth Column? Together?" she thought. "Besides the obvious where should I go or who should i call?"

A freakshow toppled over her and tripped onto a deactivated nuclear power reactor. With his giant metal claw he ripped through the metal with ease and out poured radioactive goo. It hissed into Jones' skin and burned away.

"RUN! Capes!" called a Fifth Column goon. Sure enough there were heroes surrounding The Fifth Column and Freakshow. A huge ring of fire blasted all of the goons to oblivion.

"She's out cold" said a hero refering to Jones. They flew her to a near by hospitol in which she was treated and cured within a day.

The next day when she was typing on her keyboard she struck a certain position which sent a bolt of green light at the computer which shattered due to the effect.

"Crap I just got to level 9 too! " she bellowed. Jones stepped outside and two hellions attacked her with bats. she accidentally struck the same position with her hands and zapped a hellion.

"did I do that?" she thought, she knew she did.

When she went to duck a swing from another hellion a green aura fled from her body and she felt a serge of energy run through her. She struck that same hand position and blasted the hellion knocking him to the ground, dead. The hellion she first blasted was up and attacking a near by hero. She tried to blast the hellion but only put one hand up and healed the hero. She quickly blasted the hellion after killing that one.

"thanks" said the other hero sarcastically then flew away.

Jones' assumed that she should help other heroes battle evil with power-ups and heals. She now held the title Full Time Medic...