Addressing current problems with Issue #2 !




Hi everyone.

Here’s the latest on the main issues concerning you in the Shadows of the Past Update. We’re working hard to resolve all issues.

Right now (2am CDT), the following hot fixes are being pushed to The Training Room (Test Server). Soon thereafter, during Friday’s normal maintenance window (between 8-10am CDT), these hot fixes will be pushed to the live servers:

• Missions
-Adjusting the difficulty of the final mission of the Terra Volta trial.

• Villains
-Fixing bug with the Rikti causing their swords to inflict far too much damage.

• The Hollows
-Lowering the maximum level of spawns near the entrances to the zone.

• Badges
- The Freedom badge will have an icon.
- Fixing several Accolades so that players now receive the correct bonus.
- Fixing bug related to Accolades and leveling up that made characters appear to have the wrong number of Enhancement slots while training.

• Powers
-Fixing a display bug with Hasten where, if Hasten ended while a Power with a long recharge time was recharging, the Power would appear as ready to use before it had finished recharging. Actual recharge times will remain unchanged.

• Server Stability
-Fixing various server stability problems.

So hang tight everyone! Serious improvements are on the way. We apologize for any/all frustrations you are experiencing in the meantime but appreciate your patience while we make things right so you can enjoy Issue #2: Shadow of the Past to the fullest!

Please feel free to check these changes out for yourself on The Training Room at your earliest convenience.

Thanks much,