Why should I?




"Get out of here Katie"............
"Look Legna I just want to interview you.It's not everyday you meet a Mutant with your kind of powers.I did not mean for you to meet me nor do I wish it..."Legna's voice making the room tremble from such a deepness within him. He held his head down as if he were bowing to someone. Legna didn't like to meet with anyone.Maybe it's his self pity, but he had no desire to talk to anyone.
"Look Legna",Katie said with an innocent smile, "Maybe if you speak with me I can make people trust you. Legna! You can control the earth.........no Mutant on this planet has that kind of power!" Legna leaned over to Katie almost nose to nose. As Katie gazed into his eyes she could see them turn completly white in front of her.She forced herself not show that she was afraid.
"TRUST ME?! They fear me before they even turn to look at me.I desire nothing from you nor your people.I said it once, LEAVE HERE!! " The bass from his voice shook the room.This time Katie shot up and ran out the door.
Katie went home to complete her normal routine.When the phone started to ring she got a knot in her stomach.She knew who it was."Yes Jonathan?"The muffled voice on ther other end answered.
"Well did you get it?"
"No Jonathan I didnt get it."
"Come on Katie we have a deadline."
"Look Jonathan do you really think I need to be told that? I'll try again in a few days."She heard the bitterness in Jonathan's voice.
"This is your last chance Katie, then you can go back separating the mail."Katie hung up the phone almost shaking.She came so far and couldn't understand how she got herself into this. She had to try just one more time.But it's was too late to go back to Legna's tonight. As she grabbed her keys, she decided she had no choice.
It was cold out and Katie ran out in a hurry.She got in her car and was off to her destination. She pulled onto the block once again where Legna had been. It was dark and Katie was second guessing if this was such a good idea.When she got out of her car, she could hear giggles coming from a distance.Rubbing her hands together to keep warm, Katie started walking towards the not so empty warehouse. As she started walking, she could hear the giggles growing louder and louder until a bottle smashed at her feet.
There were about five of them.She didnt need this now, she had enough on her mind. Katie felt a warm hand grab at her arm. Come on lady, we're having a party.
"You're drunk!" Katie answered with a bit of attitude. "Don't you guys have school tomorow?!"
"Aw come on lady, do you think you're better then us?" Katie answered quickly.
"Well yea I do. I'm not wasting my time on the streets getting wasted." She could tell they were starting to get angry. "Come on guys, how about I give you ten bucks and you go buy a drink? " One of the men grabbed her by the neck and leaned over to her ear.
"It's not your money I want!" Katie yelled at the top of her lungs for him to get his hands off her. Before she could finish her plea, the floor started to tremble.
"What the !&^%#$!" The five men looked around to see where this was coming from. With his grip still hold strong on Katie's neck, the brute called to the others to check it out. Suddenly they noticed the floor starting to crack beneath their feet. Katie's lips curled into a little smile, she knew what was going on. Big pointed chunks of the earth started to emerge from the shattered floor.Katie fell as the man lost his grip on her. They all heard a low whistle as if something was falling from the sky.The crash on the ground sent everyone flying, only to land on their backsides. All the men got up running as fast as they could.With his deep, dark voice, he turned to Katie and yelled.
"YOU FOOL!" Katie got up, snapping back at Legna.
"Why can't you just talk to me?! Why? I deserve at least that much." Legna walked away back into the empty warehouse.
"You deserve nothing! I owe you nothing. You want to interview me? You want to find out why I look like this? Then what?What will you gain? Money? You fool, you're nothing more than a robot. You wake in the morning and work your life away for money. Do you believe in God, Katie?" A little shaken she answered.
"Yes I do." Legna continued.
"Do you really think your God meant for this? For humans to take a piece of a tree, put green ink on it, and then put such value in it, that people are willing to steal, cheat, kill, die,and live for it?! Did he intend for people to spend their days away from their loved ones just to get some more? YOU ARE A ROBOT!?! Nothing more." Katie was taken aback, more than a little hurt.
"No! I have feelings!" Legna stopped walking and turned to her and in a soft wisper he answered her.
"Then leave me alone." Katie bowed her head with tears in here eyes.
"Do you really want to be so alone? Don't you long for anything? What does your God require of you? What do you require of your God?" Legna, continued walking towards the warehouse.
"Come Katie, it's too dangerous here. Stay here for the night. You can leave in the morning." Katie was a little worried, but she answered.
"I trust you Legna." His deep laugh annoyed her.
"Katie, if I wanted to harm you in anyway, there is no force on this earth that could stop me. Come inside.......you're cold."
As they sat in the warehouse office, Legna wrapped Katie in a blanket. "Go ahead Katie, ask your questions." Katie was shocked, happy, and scared all at the same time.She replied.
"W...w......e..ll, I guess you can tell me about your name. What does it mean?" The silence was maddening, until his deep voice answered softly.
"Legna.......my name........my name is Angel spelled backwards........"