The Chronicles of Capt. Havok




Hey eveyone. I've been writing some stories about one of my newer alts. Capt. Havok (Virtue) and figured maybe I should share some of them in case anyone is interested. Now I normally don't do this, since I am very self conscious of my work. So please, go easy one me

The rain came down in torrents. Captain Havok sat on the roof of a skyscraper in the heart of Steel Canyon. Ignoring the rain splattering against his face he was lost deep in thought. "Why can't I remember any solid thoughts?" He scolded himself, "Why can I only get these fragments and not one coherent memory? Ok, I just need to put things in order." The armor-clad warrior shifted his weight uncomfortably and began speaking aloud to himself; "I can remember being shackled to a cold metal table with a bright light shining in my face with silhouetted figures peering down at ...and being submerged completely in a green liquid staring out into some kind of laboratory..." He paused and rubbed the bridge of his nose; "I remember the electrodes hooked up all over my body, sending the painful shocks coursing through my nervous system..." Havok stared up into the sky, letting rain pour down his face. "...And I remember that chilling voice giving me my orders..." He shuddered as the memory came rushing back to him. Standing in a dark room with a spotlight on him. He wanted to break free, but something was restraining him. Then that figure appeared. They came close, but not close enough for him to see any more than a shadow. They spoke in a low tone:

"Project Havok, You are to kill the hero known as Statesman and any others who stand in our way..."

Captain Havok snapped back to reality when he heard a scream coming from the alley below. He peered over the edge of the building to see what it came from. He saw that two Hellions had cornered some poor woman. He could see the vicious looks displayed on their faces and he knew they would harm this innocent. In one fluid motion, Havok swooped down and landed hard behind the street thugs. They both whirled around to glare at the hero. The bigger one pointed at Havok and bellowed, "What the hell? Ice this Jerk!" The smaller one charged ahead full speed. Havok just smiled and extended his arm at the rushing Hellion. "Big mistake..." He rumbled as a bolt of lightning shot from his hand, striking the street thug square in the chest. The hellion fell limp to the ground. The other roared in frustration and pulled out a shotgun, "I kill you an' that'll make me somebody!" Havok chuckled as he let electricity jumped from hand-to-hand, "Say goodnight slimeball..." He charged and slammed his fists into the gun-toting maniac with a charged brawl. The thug flew back into a pile of garbage bags and didn?t make any effort to get back up. Captain Havok silenced his powers just in time for the young women to come running up to him. She smiled weakly and said, "Thank you ever so much." Havok look down at the woman and smiled, but then he heard it. A little voice in the back of his head began to whisper. He shook his head and attempted to maintain his smile, but the voice only got louder. He was now able to hear it clearly. The voice whispered,

"Kill her..."

Havok closed his eyes and whispered, "No..." but the voice only persisted and became louder,

"Kill her! She stands in our way!"

He clenched his teeth and whispered louder, "I won?t..." The young woman had stopped smiling and now a look of concern crossed her face. She said, "Sir? Are you alright?" By now though, the voice in Havok?s mind was too loud for him to hear her. It began to yell,

"Do it! You must kill the girl! She stands in our way!"

Captain Havok fell to his knees and clenched his teeth harder. Almost to the point of breaking them. Tears began to stream down his cheeks. "I won't! You hear me?!" He roared, "I won?t do it!" Then he began to feel the pain. He was disobeying his orders and now the pain was coming to make sure he would follow them. The voice was now screaming into his mind,


Havok screamed at the sky and slumped down into a kneeling position. The young woman was again in tears. She beat over to see if the warrior was dead. He reached up and put a hand on her shoulder. She breathed a sigh of relief, "My god, I thought you were..." He looked up into the girl's face. She could see tears streaming down his cheeks. He looked in to her eyes, and whispered, "I'm sorry..." With that, a wave of electricity shot thought his hand and through her shoulder. He could see the frozen look of shock on her face as the volts ripped her nervous system to shreds. And as she fell lifelessly into his arms, he just looked down into this dead innocents eyes, an innocent who?s life he took, and wept...
There it is, hope you liked it. And maybe if I get some positive feedback, I'll post some more of the story

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