Welcome, to the New WildSide




This is a character that I had way back in '97, I had made him in a WWE wrestling game. He started out as just a tag team partner for my bro's character, Bone. But as time passed, this character became so much more.

Within the past few years, I've become a bit of a poet and writer(got a few stories still in the works, and have quite a few poems written but not published, that I know of), and what I've learned is never become your characters, let them become you.

As time has passed since the day I made this character(who is really just WildSide, but someone already took that name, so I had to modify it), I began to realize, I was venting pieces of myself and "giving it form"(please forgive me if that sounds weird).

WildSide became an extension of myself. He was the hero side of me, what I daydream of being. I guess that might sound childish, but hey, if there wasn't some part of us that was still a child, we wouldn't be here, would we?

I don't wish I was WildSide, I'm glad I have the life I do. Because if I didn't have this life, I wouldn't be who I am. I love my friends(though I don't often see them, they are always close to my heart), my family and my country(hey, they both may have their faults, but to me they're the best), and my faith(In God We Trust).

I guess you can tell I have a lot of heart, and that I'm fairly patriotic, but that is how I am, and it's transfered unto my character as well. His story I made is similar to mine, I put my heart into it.

Though it's not perfect, bear in mind that nothing man-made ever is.

================================================== =========

As he sat beneath the tree in Gemini Park, he pondered how it all started.

Raised in the country just outside Paragon City by loving parents, Zeek Douglas had few needs, though they weren't rich money-wise. He had few friends, but good friends. One, a Martial Arts master from the east, whom had come to America to find a better life for his wife and daughter, they became part of Zeek's extended family. Master Wufei, friends call him Woofy, began training young Zeek in the martial arts. Zeek was a fast learner, and what took Woofy years to master, Zeek picked up in months. Though much older than him, Zeek began to view Woofy as a brother, as did Woofy to Zeek.

Then one day, Zeek's father was killed while he was a security guard for a Military Warehouse in Galaxy City. Devastated emotionally, Zeek drifted away into depression. For a month he was a hermit, though his father was tough, he was also fair and loving. And now he's gone. After about a month, Zeek forced himself up and out of his self-implied exile. He took up his training again. Woofy, understanding his loss and his feelings, began to try and become a like surrogate father, with Zeek's ok. Zeek confided in Woofy as a son would a father, and Woofy would aid as best he could. Woofy knew he would never be Zeek's father, but at least he could be there for him as a father.

Zeek's whole family was there for him, and he for them.

After some time, Zeek had decided to strike out on his own for a while. He saw the sights of Paragon City, met the citizens, and visited Galaxy City. There, he went to the warehouse that his father, his real father, died guarding. Feeling the cold, metallic door, tears came to his eyes. He closed his eyes for a moment, said a short prayer, then went in. There-in, he heard voices off deeper in. Some sounded German, most sounded American. Zeek saw signs of a skull with a "V" behind it. As he delved deeper into the foreboding building, the voices got louder and louder. He heard the name 5th Column, the words military weapons, and the word terror. Zeek neared a large room, he figured it was the main stock room. When he went through the doorway, he saw what must have been a dozen or so soldiers all gathered in one spot.

After a minute or so of hearing the speech, he could tell, these were the ones who killed his father. As he tried to leave, one must have heard him. A rush of soldiers came up the ramp. Fortunately, Woofy was a great teacher, and Zeek a good student. He fended off the half dozen that came up. Still, to this day he didn't know what came over him, but Zeek charged forward and leaped "into the fire", and fought the rest of his father's murderers. Somehow, the 5th could barely hit him, he was flowing like a river. In the heat of the battle, he, without thought, drew forth his katana. Something deep inside came flooding to the surface, something he didn't like: anger, rage, even a little hatred. They overcame him for a moment, long enough to finish off the 5th in the warehouse, for good.

When he awoke, he saw a sight that scared him all the way down to his core. Blood and bodies, everywhere, even on his katana, and himself. In shock, staring at his blood-soaked hands, he felt a hand gently rest on his shoulder. With tears streaming down his face, he looked up, and saw Woofy. Without words, Zeek got up, and as a father would to his son, Woofy embraced Zeek, and assured him it was alright.

"That was the first time I ever killed guy, let alone a small army. And the first time I've ever felt rage like that." He spoke to himself, as tears came flowing back, as he sat beneath the tree in Gemini Park. The tears were for what he knew, and what he learned, between then and now. That sometimes, good men, must reach deep down inside them, and draw upon their darker sides, to do what it takes, to save innocent lives.

He drew blood in anger, in rage, in hatred. But he's working on it, getting better at it, and clearing himself of it as best he can.

"Never let your dark side overcome you and cloud your vision of the task at hand. Let your heart, your mind, and your faith, guide your hand." Was what Woofy told him after returning home that day from the warehouse.

Shortly there-after, he made it his mission to protect the innocent as best he could. Training himself, he managed to unite his two sides into one when the need arose.

Through the union of light and darkness, he has become greater than he was, focused, strengthened, driven.

Welcome, to the New WildSide.

And here he is, under that very tree, in Gemini Park.

Hope yall enjoyed my story.

Thank you all for your time.



Not bad. Where did he get the katana? I thought he knew martial arts.



It was part of his training.

He trained in the martial arts, how to fight, and how to avoid being hit, but specialized in the katana.