Assasin Roleplaying Supergroup -Anarchy 99 -Infini




Hi Everyone!!, I am the founder of Anarchy 99 located on Infinity Server. Please take the time to read the whole post, if not majority of it, you will realize that it is worth while, I realize its long!! Well, We are a new supergroup however quickly growing, ranging from levels 2 to 36(we accept all levels!), we are a wide variety of levels classes and arch types. We as a supergroup strive to work towards the common goal that is forgotten in most supergroups, TEAMWORK!!

Most supergroups forget the whole concept of teamwork after they get 3-4 Members. I can tell being the leader of this supergroup, I will promise that this will never happen.

We are a roleplaying Assasin Supergroup looking for friendly, active, dedicated members.
These people should be the ones that look towards there supergroup for friendship!

When you login being a member of Anarchy 99, I want you to say "Wazzup" or whatever the case may be, but look to your supergroup as your friends. We will always try to accomidate you in a group, thats why their is a Sidekick feature in this game.

Well, I hope I have said enough, Those interested in Anarchy 99 after reading this post I hope you realize that you would fit in best with our supergroup.

If you are on another server, and this Supergroup interests you, Fear Not, for you can create a character of your choice(of course) on Infinity Server and join us, we will help you level fast!!

Our Bright Future:
Our supergroup already hosts a teamspeak server making it very easy for us to communicate as one, this allows us to simply talk instead of type, it also brings friends in the supergroup much closer.
Website: Our supergroup website is already under construction with some very talented photoshop, dreamweaver, flash users. The website should be up rather soon.

Thanks for reading, Know it was a lot, I will be following up on my posts, however if wish to apply, Please contact me at...
Demonic One <-In game e-mail (I do check them)

Thanks for reading the whole thing

*Note, Anarchy 99 is prominent throughout Many MMORPGS and is not named after the clan from the movie "XXX" Thanks*