The Fusion Five! (An exercise in the inane)




Long were the months they had spent training, the Fusion Five. They were composed of teenagers afterall, and so needed to train to the best of their ability before registering as heroes. There was their leader, Night-Falcon (NF), a master martial artist who had issues with midgets (long story), Glory Boy, the steriotypical 8 foot tall freak with Super Strength and Kinetic Immunity (The name had the same effect as "The Boy Named Sue" more on that later).Other members of the group were, Polarity, a stupendously (I've always loved that word, I so rarely get to use it in a sentence, shame really) powerful female telepath, with limited telekinetic power (think Professor X., only with working legs, and breasts ), Morphing Moo-Cow (MC Cow, yes, he is a rapper , or just Prince for short), who had the power to change into animals that varied depending on his mood and what he had for breakfast, unfortunate for the team, as he favored cud), and last, but certainly not least, was Comet-Blaze (CB), an alien who could blast energy. Oh, MANY where the nay-sayers who whined, "They are just carbon-copies of the Teen Titans, they even live in a letter shaped tower! (except of course, it was an F)". They, however prevailed despite this, especailly Glory Boy,because he had to grow up tough like the Boy n(amed Sue!

(What else is to come? Well I'll tell you you anooying little blighters! Next episode, the FF finally register, and shortly after, meet an Archvillain whose SOLE power seems to be obscure refrences and inane statements. Here of course, more of the Boy named Sue banter will come into play, cause Glory Boy had to grow up tough.)

Ok, seriusly, thoughts, opinions, flames? Oh, if you don;t think its that inane yet, just you wait, my friend!



((Ack, need to edit and edit time has expired.... Anyway, it is importent to mention that Comet-Blast is female, though I suppose a monkey on a combonation of crack and ectasy could have seen that, oh well.))



Night-Falcon awoke with a start, he had been sleeping on the couch in the living room. It did not take him long to discern the cause of his sudden state of conciousness, it was the alarm that signified trouble in Paragon, and while there where surely dozens of other heroes rushing to the scene of the crime even as he sat there, he was somehow aware that there was a midget involved, and as his ancienct technique of Midget-Location was ten times more powerful than Jerry Falwell's Gaydar, he was fairly certain he could act on impulse. "Fusion Five, Assemble at the scene!". And so it went that the Five, with their various modes of travel (everone but Glory Boy, who had to grow up tough, and Night-Falcon flew, the duo previously mentioned had to arrive but Super-Jumping. When the quintet arrived at the disturbence, a convenience store, they were confronted by a strange man, who was only 3 feet tall, he wore flack armor and carried a long dagger, which for him, of course, served the purpose of a broadsword. "Hey no one gets passed 'ere, ya chee, only da boss! So proclaims, Mini-Blade!" It was at this exact moment that Polarity noticed Mini-Blade was a thing constructed of clockwork, as it had no pupils. "Since you are a robot," she stated," We should be able to defeat you with a logical paradox. Consider the statement 'There is no absoloute truth', now, if there is no absoloute truth, how can that be true?" It was greatly enjoyable to them all when Mini-Blade collapsed. The quintet continued on and crossed the threshold. What did they find? Stay tuned 'till next episode!