Spark of Heroism. Tale of the young Surge




Surge is a character I created a while ago, he is a role play character for both Teen Titans, and Marvel Universe. I made him as "The Young Surge" on the freedom server, and have been wondering if I should remake him now, or wait until update 2 for a Teen Body. While I wait, I've decided to create his CoH backstory. So here it is!

Spark of Heroism

Chapter 1- Awakening

It was late, three hours past midnight, the clouds above rumbled with a silent thunder, but no rain was to come. It had been humid all week, but for some reason the release of cool rain would refuse to come down on the people below. Shadowy figures suddenly swept by, sneaking towards an alleyway… They murmured to each other silently, and finally a device was pulled. It hummed as it was activated, and it sliced through a doorknob to a building. There were a few silent cheers, but they were all hushed away by others…
The shadowed men slipped into the building quietly, seeming to know just where they were going… And they did. The building was a rather large Bank branch, and the men were soon at the safe. The same device was pulled, though this time several more of the same designs were as well. Soon enough the safe door was no more than a large slab of metal. The men started shoving the mountains of cash and jewels into their greedy pockets, bags were filled, and backpacks as well. It would look like a perfect crime, until…

“Unhand those bags scum!” Boomed a voice from above. The men stared upward, and high in the rafters was a figure. The figure swooped down from a rope slamming his feet into one crook, which was sent flying into the metal wall behind him. The men were forced to bottleneck as they tried to leave the safe to punish the one stopping their actions, and that was their mistake. A mighty fist crashed into the first one, who bowled through the rest, and slammed into the same wall the first victim of this mighty hero had. The criminals had had it at this point, they wouldn’t accept this, guns and knives were drawn, and an all out assault would come onto this mysterious figure. An amazing display of summersaults and gymnastics would come, and not a shot was landed on the valiant man. He mad quick work of the villains after that, tying them up with a length of rope. Shortly after a monstrous ring escaped the walls, the alarm finally? No… It was… different.

“Damn it Jake! I don’t know why I bought you that Alarm Clock if you don’t even get up to it!” There was a slam on the door as the woman called out to her son… the son whom was now just rousing from a wondrous dream.

“Wha… huh? Oh. Yeah, yeah!” The young Jake Brooks finally lifted himself up from his bed, rubbing his eyes gently. He leaned over towards the other side, and unlocked his bedroom door, not a moment later did his mother burst in.

“Come on now, wake up! You’ll be late for school.” She patted his side, and threw a pair of fresh clothes atop his head. He shoved them off, and stood, grabbing the brush that always lay on his desk. His mother sighed as he ran it through his long hair, which happened to be blue. “I’m not kidding Jake, I want you to wash that junk out of your hair, and get it cut…”

The boy rolled his eyes, and shooed his mother away so he could get ready for school. He stared down at his body, looking over the clothes he was wearing, which he had put on the previous morning. Black T-shirt, and a pair of blue jeans… he shrugged slightly, and ran his belt through the pant loops. He placed some socks on next, and then put his shoes on… Walking from his room, he stepped right into the bathroom. It was a pretty average routine, tie the hair back, brush the teeth, deodorant, cologne. Yes Jake was pretty much an average boy, and that’s what bothered him… But he made due, ‘everybody wishes they were more’ he always told himself…
He walked down the stairs, backpack swung over his shoulder, and just as he reached the door, his mother’s voice rang out again…

“You’re not going to leave without breakfast are you- Jacob Nathan Brooks… You didn’t change your clothes again? Do you want people to think you’re dirty?

The middle name… he winced at it… Jacob Nathan, what a great name for a high school student… That didn’t get him into trouble until about 6th grade when he became “Jake”.

“Ma… I really don’t think anybody cares. Nobody has ever called me dirty… I’m gonna be late, so can I go?” He attempted to avoid this lecture like he would a bullet…

“Fine, fine, but don’t come home crying if they make fun of you…” She said waving him off…
Come home crying? He hadn’t done that since first grade, and that was when he had fallen off the monkey bards and broken his pinky… But he was free, for now, yes that half hour between the house and school belongs to the boy. Jake was walking down the street, and saw his friend Craig, he hurried to catch up, and they talked for a bit as they walked to school together. They were having a pretty good time until they heard gunfire…

“All right! Nobodies gonna move unless they feel like getting a bullet in the head!” Came the demonic voice of a Hellion Fallen… Pale yellow horns stuck out from his thick red face… Jake had never known whether that face was a mask or not… But it was apparent that a gang of Hellions were on a rampage, with no real intention than to scare the living daylights out of the citizens.

“Jake, we should run, they may not have seen us!” Craig was already walking backwards, Jake tried to tell him to stop but it was too late, a bullet whizzed by his friends head, causing him to fall back. He was okay, just scared. This of course created a roar of laughter from the Hellion gang. But all would not be wrong for long, as in a blur of light, the Hellion thugs were knocked back. A metallic figure stood next to Jake, glowing yellow glass stared off at the villains… And its entire body was covered in metal.

“It’s Endro! Waste him!” Came the voice of the Fallen one. He whipped the shotgun that had been strapped to his back and fired on the metallic one. The bullets slammed into him, but fazed him not. Then Endro slammed his fists together, the entire area began to glow as energy formed about the Hero’s arms… and a wave was created as it flew forth into the Hellions chest, causing him to fly back into a wall… Endro stood there for a moment to accept any compliments that were aimed at him, but soon took off into the air, flying off to stop another crime.

“Wow…” was the only think Jake could think of… it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen, and throughout the entire day, it was all he could think of. This of course screwed up any and all assignments he was given in school, and caused great boredom in all conversations with his friends… That night, he was attempting to concentrate on his homework, but he just couldn’t… He had to get out of the house and think. He had to get some fresh air, so he stood and headed for the door, but as he went for the knob, he reeled back in pain…

“Ow! Damn static electricity!” The words that escaped his mouth didn’t do justice for what came next. A streak of electricity flew from his body into the knob, the young boy hollered out in pain, and was hurled back into his desk. Shaking, he rolled over onto the floor, wincing constantly in pain and agony as bolts were ripped from his body into any and all metallic objects within his room.




Good story so far. I thought it was funny that you had named your hero Surge too. I created an electrical hero years ago when I used to play the Marvel RPG. His origin is quite a bit different.

I imagine that there are a few other Surge characters out there also as I too had to settle for Surge Effect because someone took the name Surge on Virtue, DOH! Look forward to more.



I kinda stopped writting as the story went on for a day with no post, but now that I see that at least one person is interested, I'll be sure to finish chapter two shortly.
<-And if you didn't already realize, that's Endro, and he's another of my characters.



pretty good start so far - always loved electricity-based heroes

I kinda stopped writting as the story went on for a day with no post

[/ QUOTE ]

wouldn't be discouraged by that - even in the old forums, many of the origin stories were pretty far along before someone responded, unless the OP asked for feedback. Look through the first few pages here and you'll see a lot of stories w/out any feedback...



I told you I'd finish the chapter shortly. I do feel that this is a good chapter, almost double the first one (which I might revise, spruce it up a bit, felt to rushed towards the end.) So anyway, here it is (If I make any mistakes with the Gang, please inform me, I've only just encountered them in the game.)

Spark of Heroism

Chapter 2- Realization

“WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?!” The boy screamed out, now shaking in fear rather than pain… He threw himself out of his room and down the stairs quickly. He got out of his house, and began to stumble down into an alleyway… He was so scared, so confused, why was this happening, was he going to die? He ran as far as he could… he didn’t know where he was going though. But he couldn’t keep his pace, all that had happened tired his mind and body, he soon fell, and gave up. Moments later he heard the soft smack of footsteps against the pavement. Somebody was coming, half unconscious, he didn’t know who they were, and could barely hear them…

“What’s up with him?”

“He’s a Mutant”

“No [censored]… You sure?”

‘Looks like it…”

“What the hell is happening to him?”

“Mutation’s accelerated, he must have had some sort of shock today… The ******* must have been jumpy all day.”

“Well quick, pick ‘im up before he ends up dieing on us…”

He then felt arms under his body, and he was carried off to somewhere… he couldn’t tell how long he was being carried, slipping in and out of consciousness, and when they arrived at wherever these people had decided to take him he couldn’t even start to guess where, but it smelt ancient, old paper, dust, and oil. Maybe a factory? He felt his shirt being pulled off, and the voices became harder to hear. Something about… a doctor… Mutations… new recruits. He couldn’t make anything from it. He felt instruments being placed on him, doctor’s equipment most likely. Something was shoved down his throat, water splashed into his mouth and his throat rubbed, he swallowed. Finally, after a while of stress, he passed out…
An unknown amount of time passed, but it couldn’t have been long, for Jake’s body still felt awful when he awoke. His eyes slivered open, and slowly, he raised himself up. He screamed, pain shooting up from his arm, and into his chest… Groaning his eyes turned to his left wrist, where an IV was placed piercing his flesh. He took a breath, and braced himself. Ripping the syringe from his body hurt almost as bad as it did when he realized it was there. He shook silently, grasping his arm as he stared down at the bloody instrument that once lay in his vein. It was long, well, to him it was.

“So our patient is up?” Jake whipped around, startled by the new voice from behind. Standing there was a tall man, smiling gently at the confused young boy. He walked slowly towards the boy, and placed a hand on Jakes shoulder. When Jake jumped at this, the man simply chuckled. “There’s no need to be frightened…”

“Where am I?” Jake was not going to trust this guy even with his kind smile. He wouldn’t trust him if he sat him next to a fire and gave him hot coco. This was just too weird.

“I can understand that you’re frightened. Many of your kind are when the change starts… You just need to understand, that until your transformation is complete, you have to stay calm…”

“What… What do you mean? Change? Transformation? What did you do to me!?” Jake was really messed up at this point. Just yesterday he was a normal 16 year old boy, and now this… When he wished for something more, this is defiantly not what he meant.

The man sighed, looking down at Jake slightly. He started gripping the boys shoulder a bit tighter, as if trying to protect him from some unseen monster… This part was never easy, but it had to be done.

“Son… You are a Mutant. Your body is like a battery, your very cells feeds off of electricity. But this is no curse. When you take this electricity in… you can then throw it out again. Electric currents themselves are at your disposal…” The man stared down at Jake, who did not share the enthusiasm. In fact, the boy stared out with more fear than before.

“A…. Mutant? That can’t be!” Jake shook his head, no he wasn’t, he couldn’t Mutants are ridiculed, they’re hunted and hated. Hem would never be accepted if every time he passed a light he drained its charge…

“Jake… This is not a bad thing. There are placed where Mutants are accepted. You can be free of worry, be open, and above all, be free! It’s a great life, and I think you would be perfect to join us. I want you to think about it okay? I’ll be here tomorrow at eight. Go home, and remember… Stay calm.” Jake took this into his head, and numbly agreed. He was lead out of the building, and into the streets. As the boy left, others entered. They were tall as well, though not as tall as the good Doctor, they smiled and chuckled mockingly at the boy as they stood behind the man.

“You think he’ll join us?” Said the broader of the two in a thick gruff voice. The Doctor turned and pushed him from his path.

“Of course he will! He has no choice but to join us… There’s nowhere else he’d be accepted. Don’t worry, we have the wildcard remember?”

“But boss, he’s just a kid? What do we need him for?” The slim one spoke in a long sharp voice, the bigger one nodded at his assessment, and stared at the Doctor.

“You fool! Do you not realize his potential? He doesn’t create Electrical charges like the others… He absorbs them, and expels them! Imagine his power if he drained a power plant. He could level half of Paragon!” The Doctor’s face soon changed into a malicious scowl, eyes glowing with a thick fiery red…

“Steel… Canyon?” Jake stared at his surroundings as he exited the building, conveniently put right in front of the Yellow Line monorail. He was unsure how he had gotten to this part of the city, but he shrugged it off silently, and walked onto the train, waiting for Kings Row to come up on the “Next Stop” display. He finally stepped up to his house, slowly opening the door, and creeping in through the hallway. Each stair seemed to cry out to him as he crawled up towards his room, and even his door seemed to betray him as he closed it, and locked it behind him. Finally, he collapsed in his bed, and passed out once more… What was a boy to do? So much confusion and Fear in one day.
The next day came too soon for the young one, as the damned alarm clock once again went off, and the rapping on his door commenced again. ‘Why did I buy you that’ rant once more came, and Jake was forced to allow his mother into his room. She flew in, and threw another set of clothes atop his head… He rolled over, and let a very pathetic groan escape his lip. With this, his mother turned to him.

“Jake honeys… where were you last night? When I came home, you were gone, and I heard you trying to sneak in during the middle of the night.” The query caused Jake to panic, could he tell her that he was a Mutant? A living battery… no, he couldn’t put that on her.

“I went to the late showing of a movie, didn’t realize it would take so long. I’m sorry mom… Can I please stay home today? I feel so sick.” He lied through his teeth, but the truth would only worry her, and cause so much more problems than the lie. His mother looked at her son, and cocked her head to the side, pressing her hand to his forehead.

“You are a little flushed. You’re getting sick because you don’t sleep right. Fine you can stay home. But I’m having Craig bring your assignments here for you to do. School is not something you can just miss and not suffer from. You’re going to make it up…”

“Yeah okay ma…” He admitted defeat, he would defiantly make it, and his mother would make sure of it. She departed to let her son sleep some more, and sleep he did. He awoke a few hours later, feeling no better than he had that morning. He lifted himself up from his bed, and pulled the band from his long green locks, realizing just now that he had forgotten to remove it before bed. Now a tangled mess, it would not be pleasing to brush. He pulled the brush through his head wincing at every knot he came to. It was then that he again realized that he had problems ahead as the static electricity that came from the brushing sank into him, and fired off into his Television… He stood there staring now, it wasn’t enough to cause damage, but it made him remember what the Doctor had said.

“Eight O’clock…” It was still only noon, but he was already nervous, what should he do? The man obviously knew something about mutants, but who was he, and what group was he talking about? He would think about this for the next few hours, plopped down on the living room couch. His thoughts were smashed however as a knock on his door came. He stood and headed for the entrance to the house, finding Craig standing on his porch. Within his hands, of course, were Jake’s assignments.

“Did you have to?” Asked Jake as he opened the door, taking the books from his friend.

“I had to; your mom told every one of your teachers I would be there… I feel sorry for you man.” The young boy chuckled as he walked in. The two friends walked into the living room, and threw their books aside. Ah youth, it was a beautiful thing. Not a care in the world, well, almost none. Eventually, around six, the topic came up. Jake was sure he could trust Craig; they had been friends since pre-school.

“And he wants me to come back at eight… What should I do man?” Jake was finished with his story, and was almost regretting that he did, Craig was just staring at him with wide eyes… What was he thinking? Jake was about to say something.

“Whoa, A mutant… Cool!” Well that was hardly the reaction Jake was expecting, but it was a lot better, though maybe unorthodox. “I think you should do it, he seems to know what he’s talking about, what’s the harm?” He did have a point, the man seemed kind enough, and all he wanted to do was help. It was then that Jake made his decision.

“Okay, I think I’ll go see him. You want to come along?” He looked up at Craig, who now had a disappointed look on his face. Oh no, bad news.

“Oh man would I… But I gotta do some stuff. Dad wants me to watch Caroline while he’s out coaching the game. Sorry man.” He looked down, he looked really disappointed.

“It’s okay. Might be better if I went alone, it would be kind of rude to bring a friend without asking I guess.” Jake chuckled slightly, neither he not Craig seemed to realize just how dumb that sounded. Well one hour passed, and Craig had to leave. The next hour passed just as quickly, and Jake found himself outside of the building once more. He was about to walk away when the doctor opened the door.

“Ah Jake, welcome back. You’ve made a wise decision. Come in.” The Doctor placed his hand on Jake’s shoulder again, and led him into the building. They walked through some hallways until they reached the same open room where Jake had been the previous night, though this time there were many people around, men and women of various ages, were they all mutants? Jake hadn’t known there were so many.

“You’re not alone in life Jake, each man and women here is a Mutant, and part of our greater cause.” The Doctor looked down at the boy beside him, that kind smile once more gracing his lips.

“G-greater cause?” Jake inquired as the doctor made the statement. It was all new to him; he didn’t know what that meant.

“Yes, Mutants are the next link in the chain of evolution, but Human’s are afraid of us, ostracized us. For that, we have become the Outcast.” Jake jumped at this; his eyes widened with realization, fear engulfed him… Now he understood.

“The Outcasts are a Gang! They’re bad people… They steal and hurt the innocent!” Jake jumped back from the Doctor’s grasp, a sense of pride filling his body.

“No, no! That’s nothing but propaganda created by the Paragon Police force. We take nothing more than what we need to survive. As Mutants, we are not given the right to earn our fair share. We are forced to take it, with much regret I might add. We are the victims in this Hate crime, my boy…” Jake looked at the Doctor as he spoke, the confusion taking him, and that’s what the Doctor wanted.

“You’re… the victims?” Jake took another step forward taking his place once more at the Doctors side.

“Yes. Human’s feel that we are freaks, and force us from our jobs, from our home. We only take what we need.” He spoke as honest as he could… “We will make a life for our kind, but we must first take our rightful place, and gain respect from the Humans.” Jake thought about this… It did sound true, what life could he make with people fearing his gifts. Yes, they were gifts weren’t they? And the Human’s had no right to take his life away! As the young boy thought this over, the man beside him smiled a new smile, one of success. He had gained his new puppet.