My past--Major Cid




s night comes to day, good comes to evil and Paragon was no exception. With hundreds of tight-clad heroes running round the city putting an end to the word "petty crime", some heroes were to dignified for this or some, simply were fed up with a hero on the news just for stopping a theif with a stolen purse witch contained 7 dollars. Major Cid was one of those. all though conflicted with people getting harrased by various street gangs and other minor infestations, he simply did not want to be a hero anymore, even though he relized that people needed help.
Conflicted with this he didnt sleep for many days as images of horror flashed through his mind from the imagesall over the newspapers and television, the victims allmost seeming to scream for help. Also with the images of his past returing in random flashbacks with horrific images that almost were dibilatating at times forcing him to the ground to the point of blackingout. "images of a concrete room flashed through his mind as strange figures stood over him. They held strange instruments witch, even in the shadowy room seemed to suck all the light out. they edged closer with the instruments and as they bent over........"

He returned to conciousnus spralwed on the floor dripping sweat. relized that his powers could not be left alone as they grew stronger every day. With justice considered just a word it was a battle that he was losing as more and more people lost their life to the scourge Paragon City was in itself.
(please i would like ur input since this is my first origin and constructive critisiscim is good also)



Not knowing where his powers came from with no recolection of his early years only knowing that he had no choice but to use them for good.

Staring blankly at his tv for hours it passed the time and distracted his mind from his thoughts. Just then flashing all across his tv set "battle between Hellions and Skulls esclates in Perez Park as hellions assinate one of the SKull's leaders. Fighting has taken to the streets as the bodies pile up the police beg urgently for any assitance possible!"
Even before this had ended Cid had grabed his helmet and checked his gauntlets firmly molded around his wrist and lept out his 20th story window of his apartments in Steel Canyon flying strait for the Gate that secured Perez Park. As he got there he saw a line of squad cars in a half circle blocking the entrance with 3 S.W.A.T. vans parked close by. As he landed the chief turned around "Its in there son" and let him through. two men with shotguns stood guarding the chainlink gate. After checking his card they let him through.

His eyes met a scene of utter chaos. WIth buildings on fire, trees ablaze, and explosions at random intervals rocking the ground. "oh great we've got tights"
one of the SKulls growled as 6 of them formed a circle around the Major and edged closer with knives, guns and sledgehammers all visible in thier hands. One of them took a stab with his machete like knife, right into his chest. But nothing happend exepct for the knife blade breaking in two . Staring horrified the skulls tried to turn and run but it was to late as his fists turned to break bones and smash noses knocking them all unconcious.

By morning peace had once again returned here as police escorted dozens of gangsters into waiting squad cars. Another situation difusesd as the city returned to normal.

Staring out over the bay of Talos trying to remember when these great luminous walls hadnt been a grim-obliteral reminder of the past, wich some heros try to forget all though can't run from them with omens every day. Almost like a dreaded peace, the walls took him back to his days as a major in the Marines. " The castle loomed upahead, Nazi banners draped over every posible place as his suad snuk along the outskirts. Once making entery in they stood silently as they heared the leader barking orders in unintellagible german, Signaling he pulled the pin on a grenade and counted, 1....2......3!!!!!!! and tossed into the room. then chaos insued with machine guns firing and screams of agony. When the smoked cleared bodies were everywhere some of his marines but mostly germans. Just then a wolf-like beast lumbered around the corner to stare face top face with us. then it lunged......."
Snapping back to reality he stood shaking on the edge of a hill wich stood against the sea.