ID character description limit




Anyone know if there are any plans to increase the character limit on the character description box under ID in game? I'm finally getting around to putting together a decent background for my character....but I kinda blew away the cap on the char descrip;/ Gonna paste what I have so far, I think its cool, in my wierd way anyhow;P feel free to bash it heh

What if Justice was not simply an intangible symbol, but rather an actual entity? Kaleanae was born to a dimension of corruption. The ideals of paragon city, such as truth, bravery, sacrifice, were held in total disdain with the corrupt dimension. Thugs and brutes ruled with unquestioned authority. In spite of the social "norms" of this corruption, this hero rebelled...and was routinely punished for doing so. Still he would not learn to conform. Until one day, he happened upon a woman surrounded by a bunch of would be assaulter thugs. She wore a hooded cloak that only partially hid her visage. While the forehead and above were obscured by the cloth, her eyes seem to be covered by some sort of <blindfold>. Refusing to idly watch this injustice, Kaleanae rushed into the mob of thugs, hoping to cause at least enough of a distraction for her to escape, damned be the consequences to himself. Like a fist against pavement, he made a slight vibration, maybe even a dent in a thug<<<<<<<<<<<&l t;<<<<<<<<<<<< <<<<<<<<<<<&lt ; END OF ID SPACE>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>&gt ;>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>&gt ;>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>>>>>>&gt ;>>>>>>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>if he was lucky. The thugs turned towards him, and made a quick judgement on just who would have the <audacity?> to bother with their fun? They laughed as they looked at the rather unimpressive would-be hero. Appearing as if an alpha wolf of the pack, the lead thug emerged from their circle and approached Kaleanae. The lead thug grabbed Kaleanae firmly by the neck and lifted him up menacingly into the air,"so, this is the punk that's been trying to ruin our fun everywhere? Time to fix this problem...permanently...". The lesser thugs cheered as the lead thug pulled a pocket knife with his free hand...all the while they forgot about the cloaked woman who just at this moment had a bright glow emanate from her center. Kaleanae struggled to get free, his hands futily gripping at the large man's hand, trying to pry them loose before he died to either the knife of lack of oxygen. "Let's hear 'em scream boys!", the thug leader's arm pulled back, ready to thrust forward the knife...and just then, the woman's figure dissapeared, in place with a sword like beam of light that passed seemingly harmlessly through the lead thug. Surprised, his grip let go of Kaleanae...and as he did so, the beam of light flew into the hand of Kaleanae. There was another flash, and in his hand materalized a katana. With skill and speed foreign to the hero, the warm blade cleaved through the armed hand of the lead thug...strangely there was no blood as the stump was instantly cauterized. The lead thug screamed, more in panic than in pain. "Kill 'em!", he shouted the order to his subordinates. With knives, guns, clubs, and bare fists the thugs charged the new hero...They were massacred, a few surviving to run and tell the others in their gang of a new, unbelievable threat to their dominance. Kaleanae looked incredeously at the glowing blade in his hand. A femine voice filled the air...