The Moonlight Watch




The Moonlight Watch - Cultists or heroes?

By Juliana Nehring

Recently founded supergroup named by it's founder, Abraham Solomon, "The Moonlight Watch" is a very hot topic among the citizens and officials in ffice:smarttags" />Paragon City. Mr. Solomon’s father, Samuel Solomon, was a highly renowned businessman until being exposed as a worshipper of dark gods. The unveiling of this information lead to claims that his fortune had been created by mystical means. Solomon Sr. dropped all contact with high-society and shut himself inside his skyscraper located in Steel Canyon. Rumors of Solomon Sr. losing himself completely in his worshipping of the dark magicks came from the staff inside the building.

These rumors were later confirmed when Solomon Sr. emerged from his tower with an insidious plan in which he would level the entire city by uprooting the very foundation on which it stands. But he was quickly thwarted by the city’s heroes. Solomon Sr. took his own life directly after the incident. The public never fully forgot him and his misdeeds.

Abraham Solomon, the son and only heir to the vast Solomon fortune, was therefore forced to take over the business at a young age. Loud voices proclaimed that his son was unfit to cater to such an enormous resources. This was due to the reputation his father had left behind. Many were afraid that the son would turn out as his father and predecessor.

Solomon Jr. seems to have inherited his fascination of the mystical arts from his father. This coupled with his aggressive business style has made him a personal favourite of the tabloids and gossipers of PC. It seems not a week goes by without another rumor popping up about his mental health, religious attitude or the latest one, his supposed dealing with the feared villain group called the Circle of Thorns. Most people have already decided that Jr. is no better than Sr.

Now, the ambitious heir has taken his business a step further, founding the newest supergroup within Paragon City. "The Moonlight Watch". An action that has left both high-society as well as the rest of the public worried and concerned. I was granted an interview with Mr. Solomon who wishes to explain the details concerning The Moonlight Watch and settle any question marks.

JN: Mr. Solomon, your press-release speaks of "The Moonlight Watch" as being a force that deals primarily in mystical matters. Isn't this limiting yourselves a bit?

AS: Not as I see it. In fact, I believe that we will be able to broaden our horizons within the field of magic much more than your next group. Many groups within PC are good, but they lack focus. Of course, we do not only accept members with magical backgrounds. Our enemies comes in all sorts of forms, and so must we. Our main objective remains the same though, thwart any and all who seek to use the mystical arts for their own benefit.

JN: Your newly founded group seems to have gotten quite some attention. I assume you are aware of this?

AS: Yes, indeed I am. Of course you know what they say? There's no such thing as bad publicity. I very much like the thought of villains everywhere knowing that we exist.

JN: And the accusations that you and your group of followers are a dark cult or even a group of villains yourselves? How do you respond to these?

AS: Not that what you read in the tabloids are true. But I believe people are entitled to their own opinions. For the moment, they know very little of The Moonlight Watch. I hope in time, that our actions will speak for themselves. For the moment, I can do little to change the publics opinion of myself and the members of our Watch.

JN: One last question Mr. Solomon... You have turned your father’s old skyscraper into your new "Watchtower" from what I've gathered. This move has fueled the public’s opinion of you following in your fathers footsteps. Would you like to comment on this?

AS: ...My father took an unfortunate turn when dealing with the world of spirits. Let me just state for the record that I do not align myself with any spirits, I find them to be far too unreliable.

We also went into the public to ask people how they felt about the newly founded group of self-appointed heroes.

"I don't like it one bit! A. Solomon is just like his father! Both worshippers of the devil! And to think that the city has given him the same authority as that of the Freedom Phalanx? That's just insane! Where's this city coming too? -Eric Calhoun, construction worker."

"We have enough heroes looking after us, and you know it! These guys ain't reliable! Take my word for it! -Jean Richards, homemaker."

"People should cut the guy some slack... I mean, maybe his dad was an a-hole. But why the heck judge him from that? And those accusations of him cutting the CoT a deal? That's just nuts, the tabloids do anything to boost their sales. -Joseph Summers, police officer."

"The Moonlight Watch's just an excuse to get down with evil spirits and stuff. I bet they keep all of those magic dohickeys they gather for their cult! You'll see I'm right... -Bridget Watson, student."

"The guy shuts himself into the skyscraper just the same as his father, he's into the same mystics as him, he's incredibly aggressive in his business decisions... Just like his father. And now, this guy's got followers? It's just nuts if you ask me... -Frank Kimble, programmer."

"Well, I'm not sure at all what to think about this... I think we should just wait and see what happens. There isn't any proof of him doing anything wrong so far. Think people would have noticed. - Mary-Ann Johnston, executive assistant."

"I'm telling you! Those fools we call city-officials are going to regret ever giving this kind of authority to a cultist! They may not feel it, but god does. -Robert Kingsley, Priest."

"Why make such a big fuss out of this? Sure, I mean, that group ain't right. But as soon as they try anything, the Freedom Phalanx or some other REAL supergroup will be there to beat the crap out of them. We've got nothing to worry about. -Marco Guilliermo, chef."

"So far, they've done nothing wrong. But we'll be keeping a close eye on them. You can bet on that! -Cold Tap, official hero."

"The moonlight watch? You mean that cult or whatever it is? Yeah, I hear they sacrifice lambs and stuff to some dark god! Wasn't it's founder the son of some madman? -Bruno Madridge, unemployed."

There you have it folks. The majority of the public has a very strong opinion of the Moonlight Watch already. This reporter anxiously awaits an answer to what the true role of Paragon City's newest Supergroup is. Keep your eyes peeled for "The Moonlight Watch". We here at Paragon Times will.

/Juliana Nehring

((The Moonlight Watch is a newly founded RP-SG on virtue who currently consists of four members and are look for more thrilling participants.. ^^ If this sounds interesting to you, head over to:;TabID=172310

Browse the forums, look the site over and apply if it sounds interesting to you. ^^ Right now, the SG is small, but we intend to do a lot of cross-SG RP'ing as well.

We try and work every applicant in storywise so that everyone feels they have a reason for being with the MW.

Anyways, if you liked this introduction and are excited to find out how things progress. Then head over to our guildportal and see how you like it or contact me in-game. I can be found as either one of these characters: "Voidchild" "Mr. Solomon" "Stitch" "Blue Gladiator".

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((Sorry for the bump.. We're expanding nicely but are still very interested in heroes that fit the Moonlight Watch's bill. There is room for great diversity in the MW, especially seeing as how we work everyone in story-wise to give them a purpose, common goal or what have you.. ^^

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