The Kid is in town. (Virtue)




Newspaper: Paragon Times, page 28

Valla Stark, AP Paragon City.

New to Paragon City these week are several Super Heros but one I noticed stuck out as I was leaving City Hall after doing a brief interview with the acting Chief of Police. I came out and happened to notice a young man talking to someone. However, no one was in the immediate area so I figured it must one of the Super Hero's that can become invisible.
Well, I haven't meet may hero's so I figured what the heck and walk up to the young man to ask who the hero was to which he responded "Who?"
I thought it was odd but pressed none the less and again asked who it was he was talking too.
"No one, I think. Who are you?"
I began to introduce myself, but I stopped when I noted the young man wasn't looking at me. More like he was looking at something far away.
"He doesn't want me to tell you who he is, but I really don't know who he is either." he said with a serious look of "sorry" on his face.
"What do you mean? You don't know who is standing right in front of you?" I replied.
With a strangely confused look he said, "You see someone standing in front of me? What does he look like?"
I replied moving my head in "No." and continued, "I don't see anyone there. I just thought you knew who you were talking to?"
His confused look continued as he said, "No. I was just talking to the Voice. He is my guide I guess. He brought me here to Paragon City and helped me construct this suit that is the source of my powers. He thinks I will be able to help someone. Someone important to him."
Well after talking with the young man for a while longer I managed to get his name, The "Coppertone Kid", and although he seems to be "ok" I can't help but wonder if he is more dangerous than even he knows. Paragon City is a City of Hero's, but what if those heros are all listening to some voices that they follow as blindly as he does. I hope that some of the city's law makers take into consideration that some of these so called Hero's might be a boon to the city's welfare.