REVEALED: The Dominion's secret history exposed




Recently uncovered, here is the hidden and secret history of the secret society known as The Dominion! (Super Group on the Triumph Server)

The History of the Dominion

In the early days of the Roman Empire… demons roamed the earth. They preyed upon the populace and caused destruction in their wake. Their one purpose was to conquer mankind in its early infancy. But, the secret history of which I speak is false, known to those who dug but did not dig deep enough.

In the year 63 B.C. the first roman emperor was crowned; Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus. The empire of Rome expanded under Augustus with his generals subduing Spain, Gaul (now France), Panonia and Dalmatia (now parts of Hungary and Croatia). He annexed Egypt and most of southwestern Europe up to the Danube River. After his death, the people the Roman Empire worshipped Augustus as a god. But none of these things were his greatest achievement, which is hidden in the shadows of history.

The populace believed that Caesar never had a son to become his heir. Instead, He adopted a stepson in order for his line to continue. But this was a lie. Indeed, Caesar, early on in his rule, had spawned a child. A child whos mother was not of royal blood and thus was forced to live in secrecy until a time, which Caesar could bring it somehow into his fold. But this was not to be. Late one night, in a brilliant beam of light, the child was taken from its room, never to be seen again. On the floor were found strange “non-human” footprints. The Demons had kidnapped Caesars son and true heir. For what purpose is still unknown to this day. On that night he swore to the gods with every fiber of his being to eradicate these “demon creatures” and send back to whatever hell they came from.

Caesar assembled a council of the greatest Romans of the day; Priests, wizards, warriors, spies, philosophers and politicians; a secret council, he named The Dominion. This council’s purpose was to wage a secret war against these demons. The empire was already spent thin in other parts of the world, and could not spare actual “troops” so this war was waged in a guerilla fashion, and kept secret from the populace. The empire had enough to contend with waging the wars it already had engaged in without scaring the populace into thinking that Caesar would invoke the wrath of Demons down upon Rome. So, The secret Dominion was born. He chose the name the Dominion because it means “to rule” or “rulers”. He believed it was the humans place to have Dominion over the earth, not these creatures. Let them be damned to rule over the underworld… but not earth.

After the fall of the Roman Empire… the Dominion lived on. An eternal wizard, named Merlin (yes, THAT Merlin), had been one of Caesars founding members within the dominion. He made his way to what would become the British Isles and established a chapter of the Dominion there under the court of the famous and legendary King Arthur (who also, reportedly, championed Caesars cause with great passion).

The Dominion spread its wings down through history secretly fighting against the creatures of the night, and eventually branched out to fight all sorts of injustice all over the planet. Only recently, during a secret Dominion archeological dig in Italy was the actual truth of Caesars war made known to the Archons of the Dominion. In a secret chest that once belonged to Caesar himself a startling discovery was made! A skull was found, with a scroll scribed in Caesars on pen. It detailed that this very skull belonged to the first demon he’d ever slain, he’d taken its head as a trophy to be kept as a symbol of the Dominions Dedication to the cause down thorough the ages (now locked in the deepest Dominion safe-house vault). But to the doctors on the dig site this was not the skull of a “mythological demon”, this skull was that of a RIKTI ALIEN! Suddenly all was made clear. The rikti had been among us, possibly planning our demise since the time of the Roman Empire! The ruling Archons of the Dominion moved quick to begin combating the Rikti threat, but they were too late, days after the discovery, the Rikti war erupted all over the planet.

Since then, The Dominion has begun recruiting many SPB’s (super powered Beings) into their ranks. Their new focus is on the Rikti’s utter annihilation. To further help their cause and their recruiting efforts, the Archons of the Dominion voted to move their world base of operations to the city with the most SPB’s… Paragon city. And that is where our tale ends. And begins.

Greetings All, just an in-character description of what our Super group's theme on the triumph server. We are a secret society...such as the Illuminati or the Skull and bones. Interested? go to:
or send an in-game email on the Triumph server to Dr. Unknown We still have about 15 spots open in the group... maybe you can count yourself "worthy" enough be chosen.