Son of Nothing: The Story of Judas Savior




Chapter 1: Genesis

"I don't know
What words I can say
The wind has a way
To talk to me
Flowers sleep
A silent lullaby
I pray for reply
I'm ready

Quiet day calms me
Oh, serenity
Someone please
Tell me, (oh...hmmm)
What is it they say?
Maybe I will know one day.

I don't know what
Words I can say
The wind has a way
To talk to me
Flowers sleep
A silent lullaby
I pray for reply
I'm ready"

"Nice song," the man in the white lab coat said. "Did you write it yourself?"

"No," I replied. "Deathseeker has a lot of movies on Digital Video Records in his home. The one the song originates from is a series called 'Outlaw Star.' It is sung by the female protagonist, a construct named Melfina. A construct... like me..."

"I see. No wonder it has signifigance to you. Hmmm... Tell me Judas, have you remembered anything else?"

"Not recently, Doctor, no. I still only recall bits and pieces from my past.”

“I see. Why don’t we start from the beginning again? Maybe by recalling what you do know, you can recall details on what you don’t.”

“Very well, Doctor. My first memory is of light, a bright, searing light. I was in a tank, filled with viscous green fluid. Then, I recall pain, as if many volts of electricity were sent coursing through my veins. I then blacked out, as my vision grew blurry, I recall a man standing over me…”

“What did he look like?”

“I… I do not know. My vision was too blurry…”

“Or maybe you do not want to remember.”

“That is a distinct possibility. Shall I proceed, or try and recall the man’s face?”

“No, go on.”

“The next thing I remember is awaking, once again. There is a man there. Not the same man as before. This one is older, with gray hair. I almost wish to call him ‘father.’ He is frantically typing something on a console. He is worried, and rightfully so, as a group of armed men burst into the room. They gunned the older man down, and turned their attention to me. I remember feeling… I think it was anger… towards them. I used my powers, bringing down the entire complex.”

“And then?”

“I left, wandering out into the world, with no memory of who I was, what I was, or where I had come from? ‘Who am I? Who made me? And what did they make me for?’”

“That is what you are here to find out, isn’t it? I see you’re friend is here.”

I looked to the doorway. Standing there, in his usual cavalier way, was the man I knew as Richard Bennett, but the world knew as The Deathseeker. He was the closest thing I had to a friend in Paragon City. I met him shortly after entering the city. He was impressed with how I had handled some local gang members, “Hellions,” he called them, and offered me a “drink.” I did not know at the time he meant drinks of the alcoholic variety. Artificial as I may be, a great deal of my body is organic, so my first experience with alcohol was memorable to say the least. He offered me a place to sleep on his couch. The next morning, I told him about the lab from which I believed I was from, so he took me to City Hall in Atlas Park, where he introduced me to the doctor in an attempt to uncover my past. He told me his origins a short while ago, how his fiancée had been possessed to complete a ritual in order to summon a demon. Richard stopped her, but at the cost of her life. The demon, in one last act of cruelty, left a portion of his power in him, giving Richard his powers, but making him virtually immortal. He would never know his love’s embrace, a sad story, to be sure.

“You guys done? ‘cause I can wait outside…” he asked.

“No, it’s alright. Judas, call me if you remember anything else, alright?”

“Yes, Doctor. Thank you.” I stood up, and walked towards the door, Richard alongside me.

“So, didja remember anything?”

“No, I did not. I fear my origins may be lost forever.”

“Don’t think like that Judy,” Richard said, using the feminized form of my given name, Judas. “I got something that will cheer you up, all night anime-thon, my main man. Tonight’s dish: Neon Genesis Evangelion.”

I smiled. I found Richard’s taste in entertainment quite stimulating. Last night, we had stayed up watching Outlaw Star, and the night before Revolutionary Girl Utena. I, because of my artificial nature, did not require large amounts of sleep. Likewise Richard also only required minimal amounts due to his demonic influence, which he usually obtained during the daytime. This “anime” as he called it was not only visually entertaining, but many times thought provoking as well. Richard said I was a “born Otaku.” I wish I knew what that word meant; it has not been in any dictionaries I have seen.

We arrived at Richard’s apartment, and he put in the first of the 8 DVD’s while I ventured to the microwave and make a bowl of popcorn. I had learned, in lieu of my present situation, to make the most of the present. Maybe I would learn of my past one day. Or as Asuka Langly Sohryu said, "Maybe I exist to find out why I exist"

To be continued…



Chapter 2: Affection

"God's in His Heaven. All's right with the world."

“Robert Browning, ‘Pippa Passes’?” the doctor asked at my idle ramblings.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion, the motto of NERV. It had somewhat of… a resonance with me. Almost as if, I had heard it before…” I said.

“A memory?”

“Prehaps. Is the test done, doctor?”

“Yes, Judas. You can step down now,” he replied, looking over the printout from the latest round of tests done to me. “Hmm… just as I thought. We both know of your ability to emit and control various wavelengths of energy, but it would seem my hunch about your third eye is correct. It serves a sort of regulation device.”

“A regulation device?”

“Yes. Your body seems to be… unable to handle the energies you are theologically capable of processing. It is my theory that the eye limits your power output while your body adapts.”

“I see. So I can become stronger?”

“As time goes on, yes. Just how much, Judas remains to be seen.”

“But… where is it this power comes from?” I asked quietly.

The doctor pointed to a screen. On it, an outline of my body, with the chest area emitting a small but intense light. “There. Where the heart of a normal person would be, there’s… well honestly, we don’t know what it is. The energy from it, though condensed, is so intense, none of our instruments have been able to get any sort of clear image.”

I placed my hand upon my chest. I could almost feel the swirl of energies within me, as if they would one day explode. “What am I?”

“You’re unique, Judas Savior, that is all I can say. In all my years with S.E.R.A.P.H., I’ve never seen anything like you.”

I got up to leave. There was so much to deal with. Three weeks, and all the doctor could tell me was that I was ‘unique.’ Unique how? Many people found my appearance less than pleasing. Children especially were terrified. Where they were short, with light brown skin and two eyes, I was taller, with golden skin and three eyes. Arcane markings adorned my skin, and my hair was an unnatural shade of white. Among humans, I was an aberration.

An ear-piercing shriek filled my head. I instinctively turned around, and spotted two members of a local gang, the Hellions. In between them, a smaller figure, an apparent female. Without a second thought, I sprinted to them. Blue and white energies flowed from my hands, rendering the nearest thug unconscious. As I sped past the woman, I noted her features. She was of apparent Asian descent, with long black hair and green eyes. She was wearing an oriental dress, long and red with a gold floral pattern.

I readied my fists, and delivered a powered thrust to the thug, sening him airborne and prone to a blast. After he was neutralized, I began to walk away. But the woman’s voice stopped me.

“Wait,” she pleaded. “Please, turn around. I want to see the face of the man who saved me.”

I sighed and turned, expecting the same shocked gasp that usually accompanied this routine. Instead, she merely looked at me in awe and wonder, not fear and revulsion. “Do you not find me hideous?” I asked in semi-confusion.

“No… you are … unique… beautiful…” she said in awe. Beautiful… that was the first time I had been called that. “My… My name is Li Wei Xian. What is yours?”

“Judas. Judas Savior.” She smiled and bowed. I was unfamiliar with this custom, so I followed suit. She giggled. I turned to leave again, but again, the woman stopped me. “Judas Savior. I want to see you again. I will be competing at the Paragon City Human Gymnastics competition this week. It would make me feel a lot safer if you were there.”

“I’ll be there.” I said. With that, I leapt to the rooftops, and began to run home. I had much to speak to Richard about, as well as needing to ask him where this competition was being held…



great story cant wait for the next entry.. your a really good writer...