True Evil




I've been reading some of these table top role playing threads, and it brings back some good memories..

One in particular is the definition of true evil...

Years ago..probably close to 25 now, there was Kurge. A CE fght/thf bounty hunter who had no morals to speak of, and would do anything for a price and do anything to get his man..

Well, one bounty in particular was a mage of some note whom had pissed off Kurge's employer ( I think they were roughly around 15th level)

ANyway, Kurge learned that the mage was away from his home, a sizeable 2 story house, which was heavily trapped. Yes, not all wizards live in a tower. Never under stood that myself. Its like putting up a "Wizard with lots of good booty lives here" sign.

Anyway, Kurge decided to lay in wait at the mages house.

Of course, the DM was all excited about the oppurtunity to finally kill off Kurge with one of the wizards deadly traps. Kurge tended to send the adventure off in way different direction after killing the plot NPC for being rude, arrogant or just there..

So , Kurge went to town to by the supplies for his task. Kurge was a little poor, so couldn't afford alot. But the DM (like most) just handed him the "moderately sized town" supplies list that were available and said buy what ever he could afford for the trip, since he didn't think Kurge could afford much..

So after some wheeling and dealing, and a small pilfer here and there, he was able to get a dispel and rock to mud scroll, and a huge bag filled with....

So off to the home, a quick dispell of a ward, and a rock to mud to make a hole in the wall, Kurge empties the contents of the bag into the house..2 dozen small puppies go scurrying this way and that, running around through the house..

Kurge paitiently waited outside, counting the yipes and the sounds of fire traps , spring traps, gas traps etc.

After about an hour, he crawled in the house to await his bounty



Hehehe, interesting strategy.