A Toxic Journal




I had an idea that my character might keep a journal. You can read his origin here , if you'd like. Sorry this is go long, and if it's incoherent, it's just because it's almost 2am here. Give some feedback, if you'd like!


Today was my 20th birthday. How did I celebrate? By getting together with seven of Paragon's Finest to take down some whacked-out SOB called The Clockwork King. What did YOU do today?

But I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Tyler Morrison, AKA Toxic Marrow. Pretty cheesy, huh? About a year ago, I discovered that I had superpowers. Something that every kid dreams of, and I'd do anything to get rid of them. Just to have my old life back. I'd be in college right now, living in a dorm, making friends and good, normal memories. Maybe I'd have a girlfriend, a cute little brunette or redhead. We'd go the movies, maybe dinner. I could bring her home to my parents, and they'd approve of her. Welcome her into the family. Fat chance of that ever happening now. I'm not even welcome in my family. But you know all about that, and I don't feel like getting into it again. Anyway, I was told by a good friend that it might help to keep a journal of my, well, "adventures", I guess you could call em. I dunno who'll ever read these, but I guess I'll give it a shot.

A few months ago, the guy who scraped me from the bottom of the barrel, Antonio Nash, said to me, "Tyler, you have a gift. Now, it's your gift to use how you please. I can't tell you how or why to use it, that's your decision. But just know I'm always here to help you along." And that was it. No "Hey, man, you're a Superhero now! Go bring down some bad guys and have an action figure made of you!". And, I gotta respect that. He really picked me up when I was at my lowest. He hooked me up with all sorts of things; an apartment, a part-time job, a special bank account, the works. All in exchange for some crazy training sessions with some old Hero guys. And lemme tell ya, these guys were tough. I was in pain for weeks after training with them. I liked hearing their stories and stuff though. I even got my very own Superhero suit, though in all honesty, it's kinda [censored] looking. It works though, I guess.

After a month or so of training, Antonio comes up to me and tells me of something going down in a warehouse near Atlas Plaza. Some thugs stole some jewelry or some such. I tell him I'd check it out. And I did. And it was crazy! Creeps shooting at me from all sides, and let me tell ya, they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. I put all of em away and found the jewels. Brought em back to Antonio. Next thing I know, he's sending me on another mission, then another...then he tells me to go see this other guy in Galaxy City. HE gives me jobs and missions...it went on and on. Some chick in Steel Canyon, Olivia somethingorother, who had me on a wild goose chase all over, looking for this guy, Dr. Vahzilok. He had been turning people into these weird zombie-bot things, and was preparing to unleash this crazy plague into the water supply. Well, right before I got to him, I caught the damn disease! It sucked. I was really weakened by it, so I had to go out and call for help to bring this SOB down. Up until then I had pretty much gone about my business alone. I wasn't sure how if I could play well with others, and my particular "gift", well...it's kind of freakish. But, that was the first time I experience fighting alongside other heroes. It really opened my eyes. We worked together and brought that freakish man down, and....it felt good. It felt right.

After that I would always call for help when I needed it. My doctor's bills were getting pretty high, and I needed all the jobs I could get. I fought all over the place; in Steel Canyon, Skyway City, Perez Park (which I used to go to all the time when I was little...it's f-d how that place is now), and Baumton, or "Boomtown" as it's known now. I've watched colleagues fall, and have been in some precarious situations myself. But every day I learn something new, something that helps me along for that next fight. Because, that next fight is always a bit harder.

Which brings me to today. I was hanging out in Steel Canyon, wondering if I should even acknowledge my birthday, when my buddy, Blue Wrecker comes up to me and tells me about this Clockwork King freak. He says he'd been talking to Synapse (hero from the Golden Age. But don't tell him I said that), and heard about this nefarious plan or something, and asked if I'd like to help him and some of his friends out and take this guy down. And I thought, Happy Birthday, Tyler! Sounds like fun! So, I got together with these guys (and gal), and fought those stupid, overgrown wind-up toys for hours. After all of that, and being chased down by some humongous thing called Babbage, after getting beat down ourselves a few times, we finally come face to face with the King himself.

And he looks like a reject from Mars Attacks. I mean, really. This guy was a loser. We took him down in no time.

It was an experience I will never forget, though. I made some great friends today, and I felt like I did some good for the city. And that's what being a hero is all about, right? Anyway, after we all went our separate ways, I hightailed it to the tailor shop in Steel.

I bought myself a new suit. It's pretty kick-***, if I do say so myself.

Happy birthday to me.




Thanks for the shoutout!



Wow, I have not written in awhile. Being a "Superhero" takes a lot out of me.

Just something quick, while I'm putting together ideas for my next big entry:

This dude, that's been helping me out, Oswald Cuthbert, was sending me after these crazy jerks called Sky Raiders. I'll get into more detail later. Suffice to say, I kicked their [censored] across Paragon City. And when I was done, I stole one of their awesome jetpacks:

A boy and his Jetpack

The POS stopped working after a couple hours though. I guess I roughed the previous owner up too much and it got damaged. It's in the shop, but the guy said it may never work again. Oh well.