Deathseeker's Prophecy




I am Deathseeker. For a time, I have been walking the streets of Paragon City, fighting the allies of evil and teaching them to fear whatlies in the dark. I fear not the dark, for I am one with it. I fear not death, indeed, I would welcome it with open arms. But today, I saw something, a vision that shook me to my very core being.

It was a vision of a not-so-distant future.

Paragon City, wrapped in a red haze of evil. Heroes I had once fought alongside, now turned their back on the citizens they once swore to protect. Everywhere from Galaxy to Atlas Park itself had fallen. Treacherous heroes and villians yet to make a name for themselves infested these once proud bastions of justice. And in their number, one in particular, enshrouded i darkness.


I awoke, perched high atop a building overlooking Atlas Park. My visions are seldom wrong. Am I strong enough to overcome the impending darkness, or will I succumb to it? And if my vivion does come to pass, are the heroes of this city strong enough to endure?

I pray to whatever diety watches over Paragon it is so.