The Story of Daimaru




What follows is a story I wrote, that is basically the history of my character. Read, enjoy, and post any comments.

To fully understand Daimaru, one must trace the heritage of both the man behind the armor, and the armor itself. The suit dates back to a family of samurai who wore the exact same suit of armor as Daimaru does today. For generations, the sole warrior who possessed the armor was known as Akai Samurai (The Red Samurai). The warrior was known to be fierce, and even rumored to be assisted by the dark powers of the Oni (ogres). It was recorded that The Red Samurai could take down an army single-handed. Two signature marks of The Red Samurai were his black and red armor, and his glowing red eyes.

The most famous of The Red Samurai was Date Musashi. He fought in the infamous Imperial Wind. He fought against many American heroes during World War II. Musashi himself was a formidable foe. Even after fighting over ten superheroes, he could not be beat. The Oni were protecting him. However, his wife was not so lucky. She had the misfortune of being in Hiroshima at the time the atomic bomb was dropped. She never stood a chance to survive. Musashi, in an angry fervor, attacked an American air base. Musashi’s luck had run out. He met his end at the hands of a new particle weapon that the United States had developed. The gun broke after only one use. Only one use was needed to destroy its target. Musashi was survived by his son, Takeshi.

While World War II raged on, Date Akira, Musashi’s brother, escaped from Japan to America. While there, he met and married Erin Thomas, an American woman. They had a daughter, Janet Date. Towards the end of the war, Akira learned of the fate of his brother. Soon, Takeshi came to live with his uncle’s family. Janet and Takeshi became very good friends. Takeshi helped Janet to deal with the prejudice that Japanese-Americans faced after World War II. When the war was over, Akira was presented with his late brother’s armor- all that was left. Akira put the armor in a storage container, and sent it to the family dojo in Kyoto.

As years went by, Takeshi and Janet grew up, and set out to live their lives. Takeshi went back to Japan, and began to take over the family dojo. Janet went to med school, and became a doctor. She also married her college love, Nathan Stanley. The two had a son, Michael. While Michael took after his father in physical appearance (Nathan was a very tall blond man), he took his mother’s warm and caring demeanor. The family lived a picture perfect life in the suburbs.

Tragically, the happiness was short lived. During a crime spree, a mad bomber hurled bombs into crowds of innocent people. The Stanley’s were severely injured. Nathan was killed, shielding his family from the main blast. Janet went into a coma, and has yet to awake. Five-year-old Michael suffered little damage. Only minor scrapes and bruises.

In case anything happened to them, the Stanley’s wanted young Michael to go live with his godfather, Date Takeshi. Michael began training. Takeshi noticed that his ward, while he did inherit his father’s looks, he fought with the strength and determination worth of the Date clan. Takeshi began to teach Michael the secrets of the family’s trade. Michael soon began to help with the dojo. As an assistant, Michael often would get poked fun because of his large size (Japanese people are rather small, and Michael towered at 6’7”). He earned the nickname “Daimaru”, with Dai meaning big, and Maru being a typical male name ending. This nickname was a bit funny for his Japanese friends, because Daimaru is also the name of a department store.

After Michael’s 21st birthday, tragedy befell the citizens of Japan once again. The Rikti began to pour through their dimensional portals, and started attacking the world. Michael sought to fight the Rikti, and stop them from attacking Japan. At this time, Takeshi decided to teach Michael some of the families secrets. First, he taught Michael the age old secret of being able to leap over 100 feet in the air. Then, Takeshi brought out an old crate from beneath the dojo, in a secret room. Inside, Michael found an old red suit of armor. The shoulder pads needed replacing, but it was mostly intact. Takeshi presented Michael with his father’s old armor, in hopes to save the land his father died for almost sixty years ago. Then, Takeshi gave Michael the dojo’s most prized possession, the blade that had been passed down the family for generations. The blade was as perfect as the day it was forged. While it seems to hold special magic that causes its lethal efficiency, the true power lies in the wielder. Takeshi told Michael about the family history, and about The Red Samurai. Takeshi told Michael that it was his destiny to restore the family line, and protect the land of his ancestors.

Michael, not wanting to be confused with his ancestors, registered under the name Daimaru. He then reported to Tokyo. There, he helped hold back the Rikti invasion. The battles were fierce, but the defense seemed to be working. After Omega Team’s sacrifice, the Rikti invasion seemed stopped. After a few days, Daimaru was sent home to Kyoto. Tragedy would befall Daimaru again.

During the invasion, the hospital Janet Date was being treated at was attacked. She passed away during the attack. Daimaru was infuriated. His eyes began to glow red. Takeshi quickly bound Daimaru up, and removed his armor. There Daimaru sat for over two weeks. Takeshi finally came down and told him a family secret that not even Akira knew. The family blood was cursed. The red glow was not protection, but a curse placed by the Oni. The family was caused to suffer the blood rage, unless the cursed son killed and satisfied his blood lust. Fortunately for Daimaru, Takeshi had recently discovered a technique to quell this blood lust. It involved the suppression of his anger, and the use of these emotions to strengthen him, not succumb to his desire for blood. Although this new power was a result of the curse, the nature of the strength came from his own natural strength.

In order to deal with his mother’s death, Daimaru, at the suggestion of Takeshi, set out to Paragon City to help defend against any major threat, and take on any Rikti that lingered. Sporting his families trademark armor and sword, Daimaru boarded a plane headed for Rhode Island. Paragon City, and all of its challenges waited for the new hero.